• As you may have noticed, this wiki's article about Toontown was recently split in two, due to its depiction on Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse supposedly being completely different from the original Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Bonkers. However, I myself still think that it is supposed to be the same Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, given all the Disney character cameos. What do you folks think?

    Do you think the House of Mouse version of Toontown is the same Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    The poll was created at 22:36 on January 29, 2017, and so far 13 people voted.
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    • I don't know and don't care much for involvement but pretty sure crossovers into the "real" world television automatically means it's not the same when the other doesn't follow this nature and obeys different laws of reality. Kinda like how there's more than one Wonderland and TMNT version that could have so many different settings across time and space. Surprised how supposedly someone not fictional could be in the former Toontown mentioned like what Bonkers did.

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    • But Benny the Cab appears in House of Mouse.

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    • Well, folks, it would seem this poll has now been rendered null and void. According to this page here, Mickey Saves the Day 3D Adventure confirms that the Mouse Works version of Toontown is actually named Disneyville, a name that seems to have originated in a series of children's books written in 1939. (I guess this would explain why the buildings aren't sentient and there's no non-Disney characters in this Toontown.) Therefore, unless someone who worked on Mouse Works or House of Mouse can confirm otherwise, we're probably going to have to change the article's name and update the links accordingly.

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    • "Toontown" is mentioned in Disney's House of Mouse as the name of the town that the titular night club is located in. Specifically, the episode "Clarabelle's Big Secret" has her declare that, as part of her segment named Main Street Gossip, she's "tattling the tales of Toontown!" And later in the episode, Mike calls Clarabelle "Toontown's biggest blabbermouth".

      And previously, in the first episode "The Stolen Cartoons", Mickey loosely alluded to the town being named Toontown when he said "Every toon in town is out there!"

      Now, given that House of Mouse presents the Mickey Mouse Works shorts as works of acted fiction in the former's universe, Disneyville would still be able to be a thing of its own, in its merely being the setting in which the Mickey Mouse Works shorts are set. Whether that means Disneyville is a real place where Mickey and Friends merely shot the MMW shorts on location, or that Disneyville is instead a fictitious town created by the (in-universe) production crew of the MMW shorts is not known.

      Additionally, while I'm still making my way through all of House of Mouse, I've yet to come across any indication that the town in which the night club is located and the town in which all of the MMW shorts take place are the same town. At the very least, we can infer that HoM's Toontown and MMW's Disneyville must be pretty near to each other, given how, in "The Stolen Cartoons", Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy leave the club to go film the new short "Hickory Dickory Mickey" and return with it completely shot, edited, and ready to go in less than a single evening. We just don't know if they went to go make the short at either a Disneyville that was another actual town nearby or at a production studio that simply had Disneyville as a bunch of elaborate set pieces.

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