• He has an encyclopedic savant-like knowledge on narrow topics that he's interested in, he's obsessive with the things he's interested in, he's forever childlike, very loving, deeply caring and loyal and he does have flaws and he does self stimulate. His flaws are, is cheerful, loyal, honest and sweet to a fault, and he has digestive issues and sensory problems like he's very sensitive to pain, bright lights, loud noises, and spicy foods and his sense of smell, like most autistics is somewhat poor. He talks constantly, talks fast and talks loud and he's quite the chatterbox. He also gets nervous and jumpy real easily and he's very socally awkward/inept. He's a very sensitive boy and I think he's still a mama's boy. He doesn't take things too seriously and he also takes sarcasm, jokes and idioms way too literally. He has a heart of gold and could never harm anyone in any way. One of his self stim behaviors is when he starts to get over excited he drives backwards and starts spinning like a tornado backwards fast like how people with autism like to twirl and spin around in circles. His self proclaimed gifted skill is driving backwards really well when the other car-people have a hard time managing to do that perfect. Also John Lasseter said that Mater is this idiot-savant when it comes to minute rare car parts. The term 'idiot-savant' is an old term for someone who is an autistic savant. So, what do you think? Does he have high functioning autism? I do know he's a redneck.

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