• Right now they have Gaston's buddies but it isn't easily apparent who is whom. I was thinking this could be fun:

    Then they could have a sole picture and we could specifically attribute their quotes, maybe even voice actors?

    Also does anyone know the source of the name "Walter" on the present article?

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    • If Gaston's buddies page is gone where would the fourth man in the group go.

      Yes we do need to know the different between all three of them so we can know who is whom. But we can't forget about the fourth guy standing with the group because he doesn't have a name so what would be done about that.

      We would have one character with no clue and no idea where to place him. You have a good idea so we can know about the attributes of the characters and know everything else about them.

      But there is just one question what about the other guy? There are three names mentioned but there are four people in the group.

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    • "Buddy" sounds like OR anyway. "Groupies" is probably closer. Does he actually call any of them a buddy?

      Presently he's called "Elderly Man", since Elderly Man is taken (that should be a disambig maybe?) perhaps elderly patron of Gaston's bar.

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    • Ture he doesn't call them buddies in the animated movie or live action movie. My guess is that they have been named Gaston's buddies because no one has a name for the group.

      The reason why I say group because the movie shows them hang out together so we know all four of them are friends. This group of friends doesn't have a name just like the Elderly Man doesn't have a name.

      I'm not saying these four people are Gaston's buddies. I'm just wondering what else can we call this group of four friends?

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    • Perhaps there is a novelization or official transcript which mentions the 4th?

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    • You might be right there could be something like or not we don't know. But one thing we can definitely say that is ture is that there are some characters in movies that don't have a name and the old man is just one of them.

      And that is something that is something that happens because that's just the choice the creators decid when they make their movies.

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