• I find Melody and Kiara to be spoiled and ungrateful. I hate their movies because I’m too busy being mad at how disrespectful and self-centered they are. Sure Simba and Ariel were spoiled in their original movies but not to the level their offspring were, who would get downright cruel and hurtful toward their parents.

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    • It's quite simple to tell rescuing is one of the things you don't understand every detail of yet Writerblock. I don't Ariel anything Similar to Simba in her attitude, it's King Triton I'd say shows similar reactions to Simba's. I now see part of The Little Mermaid's hate is Ariel's sincere courage isn't understood by many, only her love is understood %100 accurately, while that's asked on the question and answer discussion page.

      I see Kiara more patient than her father, plus courage again. I don't see Kiara ungrateful or spoiled, that's just as sincere as I don't see Reirei as a villain at all, no she's a character in the Outlands I consider one of the character who are misunderstood while showing their family loyalty and being considerate, not cruelty. I consider Janja scarier than Shenzi I don't have any difficulty seeing differences in attitudes even if I comparing two who learn a similar lesson or two who are the same species. No attitude description said accurately, that's one of my insights.

      Kiara's not arguing because not grateful, no she's saying what she is because she wishes peace would return to the lions, but that's not how Simba treats Kovu. Kiara shows loyalty while Simba doesn't control his worries. Simba's one who acts intolerant a lot, Kiara is one who acts courageous and loyal at the same while she watches what's happening.

      And no I'm not going to believe that Ariel's strange enough or mischievious enough to harm her father on purpose, no. Ariel has peserverence while Triton sometimes shows arrogance of leadership against the human while doesn't really know them as much as he thought. So Ariel actually has the right kind of wisdom to at least try to slow her father down, she can tell when he thinks he's better than the humans, and Ariel knows some ways to increase peace as well as trust!

      THAT'S THE HELPFUL INSIGHT I'M QUITE LUCKY TO HAVE I KNOW HOW TO SPLIT DETAILS OF ATTITUDE TO FIND THE DIFFERENCES IN EACH! I don't have difficulty knowing what's an event of rudeness and what events of kindness mixed with courage, plus loyalty can look like.  I EVEN HAVE ENOUGH INSIGHT TO SEE THE SIMILARITIES IN THE EVENTS! Attitude, or event I don't struggle with forming accurate descriptions of either one. 

      Plus you're not talking to a strange teen here Writerblock, you're speaking with a user in her twenties who is willing to speak with the gentle Admin GrayWolf2, that's your warning for putting argument of characters on my message wall!

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