• Before I start I have to say, I don't want any religious discussion, I just want to point out possible religious references in one of the most popular Disney crossovers.

    Have you ever noticed the appearance of Dive to the Heart? Doesn't it look familiar?

    Dive to the Heart (Art)

    Kloster Ebrach BW 5

    During the Middle Ages, stained-glass windows were widely used in the ornamentation of churches and cathedrals, since the effect of sunlight penetrating them gave a greater magnificence and spirituality to the environment, an effect reinforced by the images portrayed in, mostly religious scenes.

    In Kingdom Hearts, Dive to the Heart stations depict the main Princesses of Heart, pure women without any darkness in their hearts. Their images closely resemble the traditional depictions of the saints in Catholicism, especially the Virgin Mary, a woman so pure, that even virgin, was able to give birth to the son of God.

    Station Snow White KH


    Why is the games main weapon a key? In ecclesiastical heraldry, papal coats of arms (those of individual popes) and those of the Holy See and Vatican City State include an image of crossed keys to represent the metaphorical keys of the office of Saint Peter, the keys of heaven, or the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, that, according to Roman Catholic teaching, Jesus promised to Saint Peter, empowering him to take binding actions. What is the name of the most iconic keyblade in the series? Kingdom Key!

    File:Coat of arms Holy See.svg

    Χ-blade Keychain KHBBS

    Oathkeeper & Oblivion KHII

    Mission 93 01 KHD

    Roxas summons two Kingdom Keys, which soon after turns into Oathkeeper and Oblivion, to fight off a horde of Neoshadows.

    In Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts Back Cover Each Foreteller's name is derived from the Latin word for one of the seven deadly sins, and all but one of them use the name associated with their animal motif in the Ancrene Wisse.

    Foretellers Identity

         What do all of these references to Catholicism says about the plot of the series? A possible inspiration? What do you think? What does all this mean within Kingdom Hearts mythology? 

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