• As much as I love Buzz Lightyear, I was always unsure exactly what the toy did for a living in his universe. I know that he is a Space Ranger at Star Command, but I am unsure exactly as to what that means. Is he an astronaut, a superhero, or some kid of space cop? Or is he a combination of all three?

    According to Star Command's page on the wiki, it's purpose is a "base of operations of the Space Ranger Corps, whose main purpose is to keep the galaxy safe from criminals. They serve as the Galactic Alliance's primary means of defense against the likes of the Evil Emperor Zurg."

    So that sounds like they are a police force, but also similar to the Rebel Alliance/Resistance from Star Wars. Does that mean Buzz is some sort of rebel fighter/soldier in his galaxy trying to take down the Empire (in this case, Zurg's Empire)?

    I am just unsure of what he's supposed to be. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

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    • I'd say Buzz Lightyear mainly makes sure the universe isn't destroyed by Emperor Zurg but first he didn't know Zurg was his father. But he tries to protect the planets heroicly while Zurg does several things that could weaken or ruin the universe. But in the movies with Woody he helps with what could crush smash or break really fast so his best friends are kind of rescued.  He'd sure be consider more a superhero than a space cop, 50% superhero, 30% space cop , 20% astronaut ???

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