• Once Upon a Time is introducing new versions of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Alice (from Alice and Wonderland) in Season 7 for the new town of Hyperion Heights. I want to know how they should be handled on this wiki? 

    Should we keep the information on both versions of the character on the original page? For example, we have Storybrooke Cinderella (Ashley) on Cindy's page, should Hyperion Heights Cindy (Jacinda) be added to the OUAT section of that page as well, or since they are different versions on the same show, should Jacinda get her own page, say "Cinderella (Hyperion Heights)" for example? 

    We've done it in the past for the good and evil versions of Regina Mills. Would this follow a similar setup?

    Should we follow the Once Upon a Time Wiki 's setup? They have separate pages for each iteration of the character. 

    The same is true for the other characters mentioned. There will be a Storybrooke and Hyperion Heights version of each character.

    I've asked this before in a different forum, but didn't get an answer. I wanted to check before any editiing was done, to maintain consistency as well as keep the wiki in order.

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    • It didn't surprise me. I mean we have:

      2 Sleeping Beauties = Aurora and her mother Briar Rose (who was mentioned)

      3 Ursulas = Regina, s4 Ursula and s3 Ursula

      2 Hansel & Gretels and their fathers = from s1 and s7

      2 Blind Witches = s1 and s7 versions

      2 Snow Queens = Ingrid and Elsa (Though Elsa is more Disney original)

      2 Jacks = Jacquiline and Hansel 2 in s7 (though they are not really the real Jacks)

      2 Beasts = Rumple and Prince Phillip (when he was in monster form)

      2 Withes from Rapunzel = Mother Gothel and the Hooded Manifestation in s3B

      2 Rapunzels = the real one from s3B and Tremaine from s7

      3 Fairy Godmothers from Cinderella = the one from s1, Rumple and the s7 version

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