• The thing is Gothel's actions were motivated by vanity and fear of death, but if she were to come back, does she have any reason to be evil?

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    • To haunt Rapunzel, since I think Gothel should come back as a ghost.

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    • Adults and Teens who enjoy Mother Gothel's or want to know more about her she's got her own personal character Wikipedia that says she's a character with her first name changed from the German tale of Rapunzel. She looks pretty but she's an old woman who talks rude, it's the flower that had magic in it . But Mother Gothel is cool enough to do episodes of her traveling with animal villains she's¬†different enough to do fine with loyal or self-sufficient pets, who are actually wild animals who are just wise enough to figure out how to please Mother Gothel by surprise. She'd also do fine with Little Red Ridinghood scenes since she likes to camouflage herself. She'd be frightened by villains who are super tough like Scar or similar Disney Tricksters. But Mother Gothel is cool enough to form new TV episodes of her own people who are fans of her.¬†Just figure out your favorite ways to scare her, please her, annoy her, and adventures Mother Gothel would love the surprises of, mixes those funny scenes together and Episodes for Mother Gothel could be formed.

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