• Hi.

    Thanks for responding to my earlier blog entry.

    Just wanted to let you know that right now, I'm working on a new blog entry, this time dealing with Maleficent, or more accurately, her powers. It was inspired by Hey1234 basically saying Maleficent was weaker than the Three Good Fairies despite all evidence in the film pointing to the contrary (and more specifically, his claim that she couldn't revive Diablo from petrification). I'll also compare her powers to the Shield of Virtue and the Sword of Truth (pre-enhancements, obviously), and I'll use a lot of evidence from both Sleeping Beauty itself and other sources to prove my point as well (I don't buy the idea that Maleficent can't revive Diablo from petrification, largely because her magic was already powerful enough to render the Three Good Fairies unable to outright remove the curse, which, if they had been more powerful than her, they clearly wouldn't have such problems doing so).

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    • I am looking forward to it!  Been awhile since i've been on, so don't be offended if I am not as active as I used to be.  Life has gotten busy lately, and its about to get even hard lol

      In regards to what you mentioned;  That's also not counting the laws of magic too such as the fact that even if the Three Good Fairies had the power they cannot undo it because only the person who preformed the spell can remove it.

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