• Hi all, 

    Does anyone have any ideas on what the Fairy Godmother's real name should be. I highly doubt that she has been called "Fairy Godmother" her entire life and it would be interesting to see what she could be called. I think it might have something to do with pumpkins or midnight maybe.

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    • Fairy godmother is a conjectural title. I think her name would be very cultural, meaning good or fairy. Name ideas:

      • Agatha means good and seems fit for this time period.
      • Bonnie means good and is a little spunky for a fairy godmother.
      • Eudora means good gift and is the name of Tiana's mother in once upon a time, a subtle reference to how she is goodhearted and is in search of a hero.
      • Felicity or Glenda (NOT Glinda) both meaning good and fit for a fairy.
      • Sybil, meaning fairy.
      • Adaline, meaning noble, though the fairy seems a bit too scared of noble fighting.
      • Sarah, meaning princes.
      • Alexandra, meaning helper, as she helped cinderella.
      • Sarabella, combined of sarah and bella, meaning 'princess's beauty'. SHe made her beautiful, and this is referring not to cinderella, but the person who gave it to her, saying the princess's, not the princess.
      • Pandora, Dora, Theodora, Dorothea, all meaning gift. Pandora means 'Pan's gift' in Greek, and pan is the greek god of nature, and last name of Peter Pan, so very green.
      • Vedia, german for spirit as in christmas spirit or happiness.
      • Ariel, meaning spirit, or tthe lion.
      • Gerda, meaning gaurdian.
      • Mattea, meaning gift.
      • Annabella, meaning favor of beauty.
      • Margaret meaning pearl.
      • Lastly, Emma, meaning universe. Not so subtle reference to the savior of once upon a time.
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    • I like Agatha, it is simple yet seems right. Also, Pandora and Dorothea stick out as really good ideas. 

      thanks a lot

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    • Ur welcome

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    • I like Dorothea, but I'd also suggest Marceline, after a town in which Walt Disney spend his childhood. :)

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    • I've thought of some more: 






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    • i like those, too :)

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    • Agnes, Margaret, Agatha

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    • Sylvia 



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    • so i know this is a kinda old tread, but i wonder if Walt Disney had a godmother. if he did, maybe the fairy godmother could be named after her?

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    • That's a good idea, since Flora was also the name of Walt's mother and one of the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Not too sure though. 

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    • She looks like she would be a Martha.

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    • she could also be named after the voice actress, but i think i like my original idea of her being named after Walt Disney's godmother (if he had one of course) 

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    • oh! i was searching up possible names for the Fairy Godmother and i found out that apparently all cruise ships have a godmother(?). the godmother of the disney cruise ship for the "Disney Wonder" is Tinker Bell, the Godmother for the "Disney Dream" is Jennifer Husdon, and the Godmother for the "Disney Magic" was Patty Disney. Patty was the first wife of one of Walt's nephews, so maybe the Fairy Godmother could be named after her? 

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