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    This post is full of malarkey now that the information given in second post has rendered it as such.

    Is there an official source for the name "Pete" being used as the last name for Pete, Peg, P.J., and Pistol in Goof Troop?

    I've gone through every episode of the show, its two movies, and pretty much all of its related media, and as far as I can tell, not once have I come across any instance where any of these four characters were referred to by their first and last names together (as in "Peg Pete", "Pistol Pete", "P.J. Pete", etc.).

    In the show, Peg is only ever referred to as "Peg", "Mrs. P" (by Max), "Mom", "Mommy", and all of Pete's many pet names for her.

    Pistol is only ever called just "Pistol" and whatever pet names Pete and Peg would use for her like "Pistolkins", "Princess", "Honey", etc.

    P.J. too is only ever called "P.J." "Peej", "Pete Junior", just "Junior" (by his dad), and many nicknames by Max.

    Pete himself is only ever called "Pete", "Daddy", "Dad", "Pop", Sir", "Peter" "Mister P" (by Max) and all of Peg's and Goofy's pet names for him.

    If I had to guess as to where the idea of "Pete" being their last name came from, it would be from fans who mistook Max's referring to Pete and Peg as "Mister P" and "Mrs. P" as his instead calling them "Mister Pete" and "Mrs. Pete". This is not what he calls them in Goof Troop, as Max only ever referred to Pete as either "Mister P" or twice as just "Pete", and only ever referred to Peg as "Mrs. P". The only time Max ever calls Pete "Mr. Pete" is in Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, but due to the continuity issues with that special, the Pete who lives next door to Max and Goofy in that special may very well be a different Pete from the one featured in Goof Troop.

    Now, while it's fairly reasonable to think that Max's uses of "Mister P" and "Mrs. P" were shorthand forms of "Mr. Pete" and "Mrs. Pete", let's not forget that all four of the Pete family members have names that begin with "P", so his calling Peg "Mrs. P" could very well be a shorthand form of "Mrs. Peg" instead of "Mrs. Pete". After all, while P.J. and Pistol both referred to Goofy by the similar shorthand moniker of "Mr. G" more often than not, there were times where they'd instead refer to him as "Mr. Goofy" (which Pistol did in "Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp") or even just "Goofy" (which P.J. did in "Tub Be or Not Tub Be"), instead of "Mr. Goof". And Max likewise referred to Pete by his first name without a "Mister" in the episodes "In Goof We Trust" and "Wrecks, Lies & Videotape".

    Therefore, is it really correct for us to be referring to Pete and his family with the name "Pete" as all of their last names when the show and its related media didn't seem to ever indicate it as such either way?

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    • Okay, well, I feel a little silly now. A new thought just crossed my mind about this in that maybe someone other than the main cast might have referred to the name "Pete" as a last name for any of these four and, sure enough, after checking the episode "Terminal Pete", the doctor in the episode addresses Peg as "Mrs. Pete" in one scene.

      While one could argue that he could have been referring to her as "Mrs." with the first name of her husband (like how the old Disney's Guest Services answer about Max's mother referred to her as "Mrs. Goofy" when Max's last name is definitely "Goof" instead of "Goofy"), I think that might be pushing it just a bit.

      The simplest answer (that the "Pete" part of "Mrs. Pete" simply refers to Peg's last name) seems the most reasonable, so... yeah. We're all good here.

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    • you're right, added mention of this to Peg's page, it wasn't there!

      It's been many years since I watched the show but I could've sworn I had heard "Pistol Pete" spoken once too... but I could just be imagining it.

      Page 140 of the 2004 book "The Magic Behind the Voices: A Who's Who of Cartoon Voice Actors" by Tim Lawson and Alisa Parsons references "Peter Pete" when listing Jim Cummings' roles. Would be interesting to check the end credits of the films... but I checked Goof Troop Christmas end credits and it only listed actors not roles at end. This may simply be evidence of it being at least 15 years that viewers/fans have thought of this as their surname.

      I guess back when this show debuted people would've discussed it on places like Usenet? I wasn't on the internet in the early 90s as a kid so I wouldn't know.

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    • Tycio wrote: Would be interesting to check the end credits of the films...

      In the credits for both A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie, Pete is simply credited as "Pete".

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    • I just noticed while searching someone wrote the following on Pistol Pete's article:

      her brother referred to as "P.J. Pete" in the April 1995 Goof Troop comic strip "Dog Days", published in the sixth issue of The Disney Afternoon

      Verified this was true: File:Disney_Afternoon_issue_6_page_27_panel_1_P.J._PETE.png

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    • I'm the one who wrote that bit on Pistol's article. It was already written on P.J.'s article too (third bullet point); I wrote it there as well.

      Also, check this out, if you haven't yet.

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