• Hey Disney/Kim Possible fans! Today I found a couple of articles and I think they pretty much confirmed that Disney Channel is develping a live-action movie of Kim Possible. First off I like to say that I freaking the Kim Possible series when I was a kid! Even till this day I still love it! However, I'm having mix feelings about this live-action version of Kim Possible. One of my cons of this live-action version is that I've see some films based from¬†cartoons and anime into live-action films and they mostly turn out crap. Or at least not good from the source material. Plus, there's a lot of action and stunt scenes from the animated series so I'm also worried how much budget will Disney Channel put into this live-action movie? Although one of the good things about this live-action movie is that the series original creators, Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley will be both writing and producing this live-action film! But you know it's too early to tell. As a Kim Possible fan I'm willing to give this film a chance and watch it with a open mind. I wish them the best luck to make a good fun decent live-action of our beloved red-hair teen girl who can do anything! Now let hear your thoughts about this live-action film? Are you excited?¬†Are you disappointed? What celebrity you want to see to play these lovable characters!

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