• Attention fellow Administrators and Content Moderators. Administrator SilverFlight wishes to place further limitations to the Navbox settings by removing the ability to give the logos independent sizes.

    She is bothered by the different navbox sizes because the logos are differently sized, and believes we haven't maintained order here. By restricting all logos to one specific size everything will be in order and still be viewable for the average user. I don't agree with her. I don't believe anything is wrong with the different sized navboxes, nor is there anything out of order. The logos are reasonably sized for viewers to see and read, and the navboxes themselves are working the way they're supposed to. We have many different logos in all shapes and sizes. Size restrictions for wide logo designs would work for The Incredibles, Ratatouille or Pirates of the Caribbean, but not for designs like Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, and Star Wars. Size restriction for these particular logos would make them incredibly/ridiculously small/large. For Star vs. the Forces of Evil, the text between "Star" and "Evil" would be a little hard to read. There should be an exception for certain logos, never mind if it makes the navbox look different in size. SilverFlight does not believe reading the titles is that important, and I think it is. We've never had issues with having different sized navboxes before. Why should there be issues now? The navboxes work fine and that's what matters.


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