• Since Maleficent came out in 2014 (along with the Upcoming Sequel), and Cruella (Emma Stone) is on the way. I was thinking about something like that. Ever since 2010's Sorcerer's Apprentice came out, and it was a huge flop, not to mentioned the upcoming Nutcracker film (The Nutcracker and The 4 Realms), there was an article that was released in 2015 (year after the release of Maleficent). The character I want to discuss here; is about my all time Favorite Disney Villain getting his own movie by Disney.

    Chernabog is one of Disney's greatest, classic, the darkest, and the most evil villains ever. Him getting his own movie in Live Action is what I've always wanted. In 2015, the articles of his movie actually in developed by 2 script writers (from Dracula Untold) doing this movie is a cool thing. But after 3 years, there's nothing new now about this upcoming Untitled Chernabog film.

    Night on Bald Mountain is undoubtly the most iconic segment in Fantasia. Giving Chernabog a backstory and Origin on how he became the monster we know today would sound interesting. They better pulled that Maleficent origin that he was an innocent character and didn't want to be evil at the end, cause that'll be messed up. They better make a perfect story that he wanted to be ruler of the throne on Bald Mountain, and dethroned Satan to become the new ruler of Hell. Cause that's Chernabog's story, right?

    And one last thing left, they better bring the classic Modest Mussorgsky's classic song into the film. Every fans who loved Fantasia (including myself) know that the Night on Bald Mountain song is creepy and iconic.

    So now it's time for your thoughts:

    "Do you agree about Chernabog having his own movie?"

    "Will the movie be called either, Night on Bald Mountain or Chernabog?"

    "And will this movie be Rated R or PG-13?"

    Let me know in the comments.

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