• Alice is by far my favorite Disney girl. She is pretty, lovely, kind, imaginative, tender, and sweet. I like and adore her so much and I like her even more than Elsa (or any other female character for that matter). If I ever go back to Disneyand I would love to give her a valentine card and maybe a lily. Does anyone else like her like i do? (please be honest and don't be shy)



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    • she's one of my top 5 Favorite Disney Characters <3

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    • CONGRADJULATIONS!!! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY FIRST REPLY :) :) :) do you have a description of how you like her?

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    • I think she's adorable! :)

      I was a big fan of her when I was little and I used to act out the story with my plush of her.

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    • I like how magical her adventure is, and I'd say Golden Afternoon is the best song in her animated film, Alice's story also expands with some chapter books at libraries like Rapunzel's story these two girls you just have to hunt while you looking on the shelves. The celebrations are entertaining like fantasy scenes.

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