• Write your opinions about who is the best villain.

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    • Shuriki and Mother Gothel are the easiest to face in the list of female villains, Janja can spook me with his songs, The Horned King he's meaner than Scar, It's due to the show not her attitude Reirei is the Outlander I'd buy a Tshirt of,  and it's villains such as the villains in Thumbelina who are in several laughable scenes for sure.

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    • I would say all of them are the best

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    • Easily Darth Vader

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    • Deebers06 wrote:
      Easily Darth Vader


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    • There are so many that I like for different reasons


      Honestly for someone who rules over a dark and dreary place, his personality is quite the opposite, sure he commits terrible actions, but he just has so much fun doing those things and cracks jokes every couple minutes, all thanks to James Woods casting as the character

      Dr Drakken

      Honestly, I chose this character because he knows Kim will stop him but never gives up on his plan, no matter how unfortunate he gets, even once being stuck in a kid’s show with his accomplice.


      As much dislikes she receives, I personally like her approach to using hypnosis as a weapon. Sure she doesn’t have the same level of popularity as Syndrome, but she is a equally great villain

      Dr Facilier

      He is just great at performing his dark arts and using trickery around his visitors. He makes deals that get broken easily, However even when his plan fails, he still tries to get his plan back In order


      Wanting to be with Belle is more a protagonist, but Gaston slowly collapses into more terrifying as he convinces a local mental facility owner to lock Maurice up and heads off to take revenge against the Beast for his respect towards Belle


      And many more I’ll add later

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