• my plot is a sequal to The Return Disney at Last

    Kingdom Keepers and thier Human allies return along with new members to the kingdom keepers as well

    Mickey Mouse and the Good Disney Characters (Disney Heroes) are back as well with thier own group called the Knights of Disney- Thier goal is to help the Keepers and thier Human allies save the Disney from Overtakers (disney villains) and thier own human allies. With both old and new Disney Heroes helping the keepers with Mickey Mouse as leader

    The Overtakers (Disney Villains) get new members ie new Disney Villains and also they will team up with Amery Hollingsworth Sr and the many Other Kingdom Keepers villains who wants revenge on the Kingdom Keepers and their allies

    More kingdom keepers location in the Disney Parks and resorts

    An Evil and deadly Sinister plot that could destroy both Disney Parks and Resorts, The Worlds that are in the Disney Universe, Earth (The Real World),and ect as well.

    Walt Disney and Roy Disney appearing in the Present day

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