• (I know the X-Men aren't owned by Disney, but Disney is a popular media corporation, so posting on here might get my theory some views)

    We all know about the X-Men. America's favorite team of mutants in the Marvel universe! So popular, that they even made multiple X-Men movies, and few of the X-Men members are some of the most popular and beloved characters you can find within the Marvel Universe.

    But, what if there is more to the X-Men than we currently know?

    This theory proposes that certain characters from other movies and shows were reincarnated into the X-Men from Marvel. Here it goes

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    The Great Prince of the Forest from 1942's Bambi was reincarnated into Professor X. His leadership skills represent how he used to control an entire North American forest, and how his desire to protect mutants is similar to his anger after the shooting of Bambi's mother. Basically, the Anti-Mutant groups are a metaphor for hunters

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    Diego from the Ice Age film series was reincarnated into Wolverine. Wolverine's anger and claws represent Diego's sharp teeth and his arguments with Sid.

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    Shawn Spencer from the show Psych was reincarnated into Cyclops. Cyclops optic blasts represent Shawns powerful memory

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    Zoe Trent from the Hasbro show Littlest Pet Shop was reincarnated into Jean Grey, going from being one of the most beautiful canines in Downtown City to being one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe.

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    Balto was reincarnated into Beast. Beast was hated in high school for having large feet, which represents how Balto was hated for being part wolf

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    Kuzco from Emporer's New Groove became Nightcrawler. His next life decided that he would be given the ability to teleport and trick people, to make up for the mistakes that he made in trusting Kronk and Yzma.

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    Dodger from 1988's Oliver and Company died of diabetes from eating too much human food and was reincarnated into Gambit.

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    Mittens from Bolt died in a car crash. To adapt, when she reached her next life, she became Rogue. Now, whenever she touches someone, she absorbs their memories and powers, to reduce her risk of losing the battle again.

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    Marshall from the show Paw Patrol became Iceman. His ability to project Ice and work with other mutants represents how he used to be a firefighter dog who worked with other canines.

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    Duchess from the 1970 movie Aristocats became Emma Frost. It's quite simple. Duchess was the most popular cat in France at the time the Aristocats took place, and Emma Frost is one of the most powerful telepaths.

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    Dreamy from Whisker Haven became Pixie (Megan Gwyn). Dreamy was a narcoleptic, and in her next life, became able to learn tricks, such as a sleeping spell, taught to her by Scarlet Witch


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