• Hi everybody,

    I remember when I was little watching old disney cartoons, I imagined I join the adventure with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. I remember when I was watching The Moose Hunters when they were chased by angry mooses, I was screaming with them like I was there. Weird, I know. I was little back then. So, anyway if I had the adventure with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, I would help them defeat the Phantom Blot. Now it's your turn.  If you wish to have an adventure with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, what will it be?  Have fun.

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    • I'd want Mickey to act Magical and take me  to a garden full of plants thought to be enchanted or thought to symbolize something powerful or even some plants that are imagined to be the scent of a magical creature. Yellow Cedar, Willow, Wisteria, Mushrooms, Trumpet shaped flowers, several kinds of lilies, Roses,  Lotuses, Laurel, Cinamon, Oak, and several other plants including a few that open at night or bloom in Winter. I'd enjoy a magical horse trip with Mickey I'd  especially  be pleased to meet unicorns and pegasi, but I'd enjoy meeting several other mythical horses too. But I'd want this trip magical like Fantasia.

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    • My adventure with the trio would be me absorbing Mickey Mouse so I can take down Pete and become more powerful.

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