Hey, Alex. It's me Harold the Great. I have noticed you have been reverting my edits on Scud, Jackson Storm, Giant Squid (Finding Nemo) and Butch the Bulldog. I'm here to kindly ask, why did you do that?

If you feel my edits were wrong, I am sorry for making those edits. I only did that because Scud and the giant squid are not villains, they are just normal aggressive animals. They are just doing what normal animals, and Jackson Storm isn't a villain either, he was just a jerk. Storm is the main antagonist of Cars 3, but he did nothing remotely villainous. Storm, Scud and the Squid are only antagonists, but none of those three are villains.

Also, Butch the Bulldog is not reformed. Sure Butch is a neutral character and was nowadays less villainous than he was before, but he is not redeemed. Besides, Butch the Bulldog is the main antagonist of the Pluto cartoons which is why I put him under the main antagonists category.

Please reconsider this, and once again, I am sorry for making those edits.<ac_metadata title="My edits"> </ac_metadata>

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