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Three Blind Mouseketeers is a Silly Symphony that was released on September 26, 1936.


The evil and crafty Captain Katt is seeking for revenge against the Three Blind Mouseketeers, who are always stealing food from the house. So he prepares dozens of mousetraps across the cellar, attempting to capture the thieves.

Meanwhile, the three mice smell the food in the traps and decide to go eat it. They manage to get all the dishes in the saloon without being caught by the mousetraps and they decide to drink some wine to celebrate it. But the bottles’ corks accidentally hit Captain Katt, who is sleeping. The cat awakes from his devious dreams and notices his three enemies having fun.

Enraged, the watchman takes his weapons and goes after the mice. Then, he tries to kill them with his axe, but the mouseketeers manage to escape from him and run away, with the cat after them.

After a fast pursuit across the cellar, one of the mice gets stuck in a crack in the floor in front of a lot of bottles and starts shouting for help, making it look like an enormous mouse army is there, protecting him.

Scared and shocked, the cat gives up his revenge and tries to run away, but is trapped by all his mousetraps. Screaming in pain, the villain jumps from a window and disappears in the horizon. Later, he dies from his injuries caused by his own traps!

After that, the Three Mouseketeers start celebrating their victory and become the new rulers of the saloon.




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