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"Three Jaquins and a Princess" is the twenty-ninth episode of the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. It premiered on November 18, 2017 and is the fourth episode in the second season.


The Royal Family are eating Huevos Rancheros. Francisco decides to eat "light" as he, Luisa, and Esteban are judging the Avalor Bake-Off later. Elena comes in and announces that Migs is coming back from Vallestrella with a big surprise. Esteban states that he hates surprises when Doña Paloma comes in to make sure everything is ready for the Bake-Off. She is counting on Lady Yolanda to win again, only for Elena to reveal she may have some competition this year. Armando intends to enter the competition as well with something he made using one of his grandmother's recipes. Doña Paloma dismisses Armando's aspirations as a joke, prompting Esteban to help Armando. Esteban and Elena go to the kitchen to help Armando and discover he has already made a great cake in the resemblance of Avalor Palace. He is still working on the frosting, and Elena and Esteban have a taste of it and find that it seriously lacks flavor. Isabel rides in on her latest invention, The Bakery Bike. However, she loses control, causing the pies on the bike to fly off and into Esteban's face. Annoyed, Esteban tells Isabel to leave the kitchen, stating it as no place for children and their toys. A hurt Isabel goes back to her room. Once there, she asserts to herself that she is not a child and her invention is not a toy. When Elena comes in, Isabel has added a caged door to her Bakery Bike to keep the pies out of Esteban's mustache. Suddenly, Migs flies in with his new mate Dulce, who both tell the Princesses that they are about to become parents. Suddenly, Dulce feels some contractions and lays three eggs. Since she laid the eggs sooner than expected, Dulce tells a nervous Migs that she needs to go get some Anoki Berries, the only thing that baby Jaquins will eat. After she flies off, the eggs begin to hatch sooner than expected, prompting Migs to go help Dulce. Isabel seizes a chance to prove herself by declaring that she will watch the eggs and asserts that she is mature and responsible enough for the job, using her various inventions as proof. Since all she needs to do is watch the eggs, they tell her she can, but Elena also advises Isabel to come get her if she needs help.

However, after Migs and Elena leave Isabel with the eggs in her care, they completely hatch and a blue, pink, and purple Jaquin are born. Isabel wonders at first if she should get Elena, but ultimately decides to deal with the baby Jaquins herself. After she tells him he inherited his mother’s fur, the purple baby Jaquin hops into Isabel’s arms and calls her “Mommy”. An amused Isabel, who’s shocked that the baby Jaquins can already talk, tells the triplets “I’m not your mommy. I’m Isa.” The blue and pink ones get the message and call Isabel “Isa” but the purple one calls her “Mommy” again. Isabel teaches the baby Jaquins how to play a game where one claps hands with a playmate while reciting "Tortillitas de manteca Para Mama' que esta' contenta Tortillitas de maiz Para Papa' que esta' feliz". Isabel is now convinced that watching the baby Jaquins will be easy, but they prove to be advanced to the point where they can already fly too. The three Jaquins quickly get way out of control. Isabel gets upset, especially when they start chewing everything. Noticing this, the purple one goes “Mommy” again and indicates his mouth with his paw. Isabel realizes they are hungry and tells them their parents are looking for some Anoki Berries for them. To Isabel’s shock, the blue one opens the door to go look for some food. Isabel goes after him, leaving the door open, and the purple one goes after her. Elsewhere in the palace, the Avalor Bake-Off is about to commence, and Doña Paloma welcomes Lady Yolanda to the competition. The blue baby Jaquin comes in and tries the food, but spits it back out as none of it are Anoki Berries. Isabel appears to stop him, but fails and disrupts Carmen and Julio's attempt to bring their pies to their table. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Armando is still working on the frosting for his entry. He is still not satisfied with it, and Mateo understands how he feels. He has been working on an Enlarging Potion that so far only makes things shrink. Back at the Bake-Off, Isabel is still pursing the blue baby Jaquin, when she discovers the purple one followed her. He eats a cake, only to spit it out as it is not an Anoki Berry. Isabel puts a tray cover over him just as Elena shows up. Elena asks Isabel why she is not watching the eggs. Isabel lies that she got hungry and takes the tray with the purple baby Jaquin on it back to her room, which is now a mess. A frazzled Isabel tells the purple and pink baby Jaquins to stay put while she gets their brother back.

Meanwhile, the blue baby Jaquin enters the kitchen and eats gooseberries and eggs that Armando is planning to use to make his frosting. He spits them back out, ruining both. Isabel purses him and finally manages to get him back to her room, only for the pink one to get out. Frustrated, Isabel puts the purple and blue baby Jaquins in her Bakery Bike as Skylar and Luna show up. They have heard about the eggs and are shocked to see that the baby Jaquins have already hatched. Isabel complains that they are tearing the place apart, to which Luna explains that their hunger is making them cranky. Luna and Skylar take off to find some Anoki Berries while Isabel gets on her Bakery Bike to get the pink baby Jaquin back. Meanwhile, the pink baby Jaquin enters Mateo's workshop, where Mateo has finally gotten his Enlarging Potion to work. She eats an apple he uses the potion on, only to spit it out as it is not an Anoki Berry. She then drinks Mateo's Enlarging Potion and becomes a giant. The giant baby Jaquin then goes on a rampage with Mateo in pursuit. Back at the Bake-Off, Lady Yolanda is about to be declared the winner when Armando shows up with his masterpiece. Before the Judges can taste it, the giant baby Jaquin comes in with Mateo in pursuit. Mateo tries to stop the giant baby Jaquin with a Freezing Spell but fails when it hits Doña Paloma by mistake. Isabel also comes in to stop the giant baby Jaquin, but she also fails and the other two baby Jaquins get loose. The baby Jaquins take bites out of all the food only to spit them out as none of them are Anoki Berries. They then fly off to find some Anoki Berries with Isabel pleading for them to come back.

Elena asks Isabel when the baby Jaquins hatched. Isabel does not answer and sadly lowers her head in shame. Noticing the guilt on her face, Elena instantly realizes what has been going on and angrily reminds Isabel that she told her to come and get her if she needed help. Isabel acknowledges that, but wanted to prove that she is grown up enough to take care of it by herself. Elena understands what it is like to want to prove yourself, but points out she is not grown up just yet. When Elena asks how one of the baby Jaquins became a giant Mateo tells them about the Enlarging Potion. Luna and Skylar show up with an Anoki Berry. After returning Doña Paloma to normal, Mateo uses the Enlarging Potion on the Berry and the group takes off with it. Using the Berry, the group lures the baby Jaquins back to the Palace. Mateo tosses an apple laced with a Reversal Potion into the giant baby Jaquin’s mouth and she returns to normal size. The baby Jaquins then help themselves to the Anoki Berry as Migs and Dulce show up. The pair are shocked that they have already hatched and decide to name them. Dulce names the pink one Estrella, Migs names the blue one Zoom, and Isabel names the purple one Mingo. Armando takes a piece of the Anoki Berry and uses it to make his frosting. The Bake-Off resumes, this time Armando’s cake tastes great and Doña Paloma reluctantly declares him the winner, still wanting Lady Yolanda to win. Esteban helps Isabel right up her Bakery Bike which he declares a great invention. Elena compliments Isabel that she may still be a kid, but she was smart enough solve their problem. Isabel then goes over to play with Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella. They play the clapping game Isabel taught them after they hatched out.




  • The episode's title is a parody of the 1987 Touchstone's comedy film, Three Men and a Baby.
  • Interestingly, this episode marks Jenna Ortega's first solo number onscreen since singing in Netflix's Richie Rich.
  • Mingo’s voice actor Desmond Gerber (Craig's son) also did the voice of Baby Esteban in “Island of Youth”.
  • The part where Isabel goes “Do NOT go out there!” is a nod to the part in the 1994 Jim Carrey comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective where Ace goes “Do NOT go in there!”
  • This episode reveals Isabel is eleven years, three months, and two days old.
  • Running Gag: Esteban gets splat in the face.
  • Isabel's invention in this episode is the Bakery Bike.
  • Gabe's father, Roberto, makes a cameo as one of the participants at the Bake-Off.
  • Moral: Don't bite off more than you can chew.

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