Three Little Pigs is a 1972 Disney's Wonderful World of Reading storybook based on the 1933 Silly Symphonies short of the same name.

To expand the story's length to fit the pages, the book includes a few scenes not present in the original short:

  • Like in the original story the short is based on, this book opens with the Three Little Pigs' mother sending them into the world to "seek their fortune."
  • As the Pigs are building their houses, the Big Bad Wolf is shown spying on each of them, hiding in a stump, a bush, and a pond.
  • After the Wolf gets burnt in Practical's boiling water pot, he is shown sitting in a bucket of ice-water to heal himself while reading a book of chicken recipes.

It was later adapted into a "Fisher Price Storytape & Book" read-along book and cassette in 1981, co-produced by Fisher-Price and Disneyland Records. It utilized the music score from the actual 1933 cartoon, and also featured Hal Smith narrating, Will Ryan voicing the Big Bad Wolf, Tony Pope voicing Practical Pig, and Linda Gary voicing the Pigs' mother. The cassette concludes with a portion of the song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

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