The Thug Actor is a minor character in Disney's 2008 animated feature film, Bolt. He was voiced by the late Randy Savage.



The Thug is first seen at the beginning of the film, where Penny and Bolt follow him down the street. However, the Thug notices them, and tries to ram them in his getaway car, but Bolt  soon is able to knock the car off the road straight to the ground upside down. He than refuse to talk when Penny asked him where Dr. Calico is holding her father hostage, and decides to have Bolt hold the Thug directly over the bridge momentarily, before putting him back down after saying he'll talk and reveals that Calico is in Bolivia, near Lake Rogaguado. The entire event later turns out to be all an act for a fictional television series.

During filming the Thug was among Dr. Calico and his other minions. However, when Bolt's lookalike gets frighten and accidentally knocks over a fire post which sets fire to the studio. Therefore, forcing everyone on leaving. While Penny is being taken to an ambulance after she had been rescued by Bolt, they pass by the Thug who is revealed to have just barely escape the fire. He is not seen again afterwards.

Super Rhino

The Thug is seen at the end of the short, where he gives praise to Rhino when he sings The Best of Both Worlds after saving Penny and Bolt from Calico. It turns out the entire event was just a dream.


  • In the teaser trailer, the Thug is reading a newspaper when Bolt tries to knock him out by tapping his shoulder. In the film, this part is used with a different man (who Bolt believes is Calico).


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