James "Thunder Jack" Johnson is an antagonist, later tritagonist from Disney's 2002 comedy movie, Snow Dogs.


He was a very serious and intimidating dog sledder. His nickname comes from the fact that he was hit by thunder twice, which is impossible, but the townspeople seriously believe it. He is very fixated on getting Lucy's dog; especially Demon, and had no tolerance for his son, Ted, whom he repeatedly called a greenhorn and had no business being in Alaska. Nevertheless, he did offer some pointers on how to properly Mush after saving him from a skunk attack during a backfired attempt at mushing via an abandoned car. He refused to divulge the information about the circumstances of Ted's birth. He only gave the initial story in exchange for the dogs. Before the Arctic Challenge, he also admitted that it would be his last race due to his hands (implying he was beginning to suffer from severe arthritis).

During the Arctic Challenge, he got lost and hurt. He was later found by his son. Hating himself for being a liar, he admitted that he had been at the hospital that night. He and Lucy both knew they wouldn't be any good at being parents because they knew how to raise dogs, not kids, which is why they put off Ted for adoption. After some hazardous sledding, he and Ted crossed the finish line, sharing the Arctic Flame prize. He became friends with Amelia and later attended Ted and Barb's wedding


  • This was James Coburn's final acting role as he passed away from natural causes five months after the film's release.
  • The only one who knew his familial connection to Ted Brooks was Barb.


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