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Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer III, (aka "Tibbles") is a demon and a minor antagonist in the Disney Channel original series The Owl House.



Tibbles is a small pudgy pig-like demon, with tannish skin, large bat-like ears and a curly tail with a red pointed end. He wears a violet vest and white dress shirt and glasses (similar to Willow's).


At first Tibbles seems like a harmless demon, but really he's greedy and likes to take advantage of his customers. He also revealed to be very vengeful, against Eda and her friends for destroying his business.

Role in the Series

"Hooty's Moving Hassle"

When Eda runs out of her curse elixir and her supplier has none, he suggests trying her luck at the Night Market where a guy named "Grimm Hammer" could sell it to her. Upon meeting Grimm Hammer, he say's his name is really Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer III, but prefers to be called "Tibbles" for short. After Eda requests some more elixir, Tibbles says he'll sell it to her for 1,000 snails, Eda is outraged but when she sees the stack of Hexes Holdem cards she makes a deal, if she wins she gets the elixir and if HE wins he can take something of hers. Tibbles accepts this deal and wins, Eda is even more outraged at Tibbles for hustling her. For his prize, Tibbles takes King and makes him his servant, forcing him to model his line of baby clothes and renames him "Little Bone Boy". Eda attempts to free King but cannot due to her curse, Tibbles then chains her up and reveals his true greedy nature and how he knows about Eda and plans to turn her over to the Emperor's Coven for a large some of money. Shorty after Tibbles informs the Emperor's Coven, Luz and her friends come stomping by in the house and accidentally crush Tibbles' stand. King tosses Eda the elixir and she is able to regain her powers once more. Tibbles is outraged by the loss of his stand and vows revenge both Eda and King.

"Really Small Problems"

Tibbles returns working for a carnival, where he tricks King into buying a shrinking potion that he uses to shrink Willow and Gus. Later Tibbles finds them, along with Luz in the hall of mirrors where he captures them and puts them in his arena show where they're force to battle against unicorns and other monsters. Eda, who is forced to sell candied crab-apples discovers them and rescues them by dumping the remaining apples onto Tibbles causing the animals to go after him.


  • According the episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Tibbles is classified as a Biped demon, who possess a magic bile sac attached to their hearts much like witches, allowing them to use magic.

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