"Tick-Tick-Tick" is the fourth episode of Kim Possible, though it is actually the second episode in production order and actually takes place before the first episode produced, "Bueno Nacho".


While trying to print her term paper in time for class, Kim Possible lands herself in detention for being tardy for the third time that month (courtesy of Mr. Barkin). For Kim, this is a huge deal due to her status as a cheerleader and how it makes her look; however those worries are put on hold after Wade informs her of an incident in the Amazon. He hooks her up with a ride with Gustavo whose village Kim saved from a flood of the Amazon. A bug researcher name Professor Acari has had his experimental robotic tick stolen by an unknown thief for an unknown purpose. Ron is completely freaked out by all of the professor's bug friends. It is later revealed that the thief was Shego and that she is working under the employment of Dr. Drakken. Back in Middleton, Kim serves her first block of detention in Room 12 with Big Mike, Vinnie, and Junior, all of whom are not of the same caliber. Detention is thankfully cut short by Rufus who poses as a rampaging mutant who had broken free from the science lab. At Bueno Nacho, Kim is given an update by Wade about a villain's lair in the Caribbean that is linked back to Shego. Team Possible heads to the Caribbean lair but are immediately captured by Dr. Drakken and almost fed to man-eating sharks but Kim manages to apprehend them with her Elastic Constricting Agent disguised as lipstick. Drakken plans to combine the robotic tick with his own nano-explosive as a threat weapon. Once attached to a victim, they will be at his mercy. Despite Drakken's plan, Kim is able to retrieve the plans for the robotic tick and flee Drakken's lair.

Upon returning to Middleton High, Ron is jealous of Kim's new "street cred." Mr. Barkin puts Kim back into detention after identifying the mutant as a naked mole rat. Meanwhile back in the Caribbean, Drakken and Shego discover that the missing tick is with Kim Possible. In detention, the other teens noticed a "zit" on Kim's nose that turns out to be the robotic tick. Immediately Kim ditches detention to find Ron and try to get the tick removed before it explodes. Unfortunately for her, Drakken as well as Mr. Barkin (with the teens in tow) engage in hot pursuit of Kim and Ron. After seeking refuge in Bueno Nacho, Kim and Shego fight while Wade tells Ron that the only way to remove the tick is to burn the circuits. Ron immediately thinks of Diablo Hot Sauce. They are interrupted by Shego for a moment but she is sat on by Big Mike. Ron uses the hot sauce to remove the tick which explodes immediately after Kim throws it towards Drakken's hovercraft. Even though Drakken is thwarted, Kim still serves her detention but this time making friends with the people she had previously deemed not cool (countering Barkin's objective of making detention a period of quiet suffering).



  • This is the first of several occurrences where there is an up-shot of a cheerleader's, in this case Kim's, skirt enough to reveal the cheerleading uniform 'spankies' –despite the assertions of some, these are not Kim's underwear. Other times include:
    1. Same scene repeated in the S1-S3 title sequence.
    2. Attack of the Killer Bebes; when Kim leaps off the shoulders of two, just before being caught by the third.
      • Notice it has of a "shorts" style with legs, as opposed to regulation legless "pantie-style". Probably some Exec got nervous about how much of her leg/tush was showing and ordered it colored in.
    3. Go Team Go; while Kim was supporting the squad single-handedly, upside-down Crystal's skirt, in a rare occurrence in animation, obeys gravity.
    4. Ill Suited; during the fight in Bueno Nacho.
  • When Ron says, "Make that twelve…," upon seeing Shego, Kim seems slightly jealous.


  • When Kim says, "Haunted island? Keep out 'meddling kids'? Please.", she is referring to almost all Scooby Doo episodes, where the criminal was unmasked by the "meddling kids".


  • First episode which brings up Ron's fears of spiders and bugs from his horrifying experience at Camp Wannaweep.
  • This was supposed to be the first appearance of Dr. Drakken and Shego, but due to Disney airing the episodes out of order, he appeared in the earlier episode titled "Crush".


  • Steve Barkin's hair is blond rather than the regular brown. It became brown and stayed that way for all future episodes.
  • While on Gustavo's plane Kim is first shown sitting next to Gustavo with Ron seated behind. Then after watching the video of Shego on the Kimmunicator, Kim is seated next to Ron.
  • When Shego is checking the signal for the nano-tick, her right glove briefly disappears.
  • After escaping detention, both Kim and Ron have drinks. Then, a couple of scenes later, there's only one drink.
  • In this episode Kim and Ron are not aware of Drakken, though in the first episode they identified him as their 'arch-enemy'. This is due to change in production codes and when the episodes aired
  • The outside of MHS on the announcement board is in grey scale. This is due to it being the second production.
  • Marcella's hair is wavy and her mole is missing in this episode.
    • That is not Marcella. She is one of the nearly 40-some MHS cheerleaders seen.
      • (Fanon names her "Eunice Brower" for the appearance of plucking a unibrow.)

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  • Kim Possible: The Complete First Season

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