Tick Tock Tale is an animated short film created in 2010. It was originally intended to be released with Tangled, but, was instead released in 2015 on the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection Blu-ray and DVD.


In a London clock shop, the owner finishes business up for the day. Just outside his shop, a man checks his pocket watch to see if it runs at the same time as the clocks in the shop before leaving. Not noticing this man, the owner turns off the lights at goes to the back. The clocks are revealed to be alive, and have personalities. One clock, a slow-running little green one with a silly figure of a man on it that reveals his underwear after ringing the bells, chimes 10 minutes late. The little clock is bullied by the other clocks for its silly feature. In an anxious attempt to silence itself, the clock falls off the shelf it sits on and lands on the counter, where the other clocks mock it. Indignant, the little clock tries to remove the man through various means, but to no avail.

Suddenly, the man who appeared at the beginning of the short approaches the door, forcing the clocks to freeze in place. Checking his pocket watch again, he confirms that it's approaching midnight. At the stroke of 12, the clocks in the shop start chiming. The man, revealed to be a burglar, is able breaks through the glass window with his fist without being heard and unlocks the door. The frightened clocks are forced to remain frozen as the burglar loads them all into his sack. Meanwhile, the green clock hides behind the cash register, having gone unnoticed due to running slower and not chiming with the other clocks. Having loaded his sack, the burglar is about to leave when he sees a policeman walking on the bridge nearby. After the policeman passes, the burglar opens the door and goes to his car. The green clock quickly rushes to the door and manages to keep it from closing by jamming the little man between the door and the door frame. It exits and stands triumphantly - only for the bells to ring as its delayed running time reaches midnight. The burglar hears the bells and smashes the little clock off-screen, to the horror of the other clocks. The policeman hears the burglar and tells him to stop, but he runs. The policeman chases after him, leaving the broken little clock lying on the ground.

The next day, the policeman finishes explaining to the owner and walks away. The owner picks up the green clock and takes it inside, where he drops it in the wastebasket. He sits down to work when suddenly, he hears a sound. He looks out to see the wastebasket empty. The little clock is lying on the counter, next to the owner's sign reading "No repair is too small." Taking these words to heart, owner decides to fix the clock.

After repairing the clock, he places it back on its shelf and removes the sign below it that reads "75% off - runs slow". The owner leaves for the night once more. As the clocks come back to life, one of the big clocks that had bullied the green clock opens its shelfmate's glass case and sets its time properly. As the little clock rings joyfully, all the other clocks join in.



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