Tiffany is a main character in BUNK'D. She is portrayed by Nina Lu.


She is friends with Emma and Zuri Ross. She is a perfectionist and Zuri's bunkmate. She tries her best to please her mother with outstanding grades. She is an intelligent young girl with brains to rival Ravi's and chooses to study instead of having fun. Tiffany is a bit uptight and a perfectionist, but she means well. She wants to have a good time at camp, but finds it hard since she needs to live up to her domineering mother's expectations. She's Zuri's frenemy and is a bit overwhelmed by Zuri's rebellious side.



She is Zuri's frenemy, and might have a tad bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She spends most of her time reading books or studying. She is obsessed on making all her grades perfect, and feels pressured to live up to the high expectations of her extremely domineering mother. Though at times she can be seen being very childish, she still tries her best to let her (sort of) kind nature show through.

Physical Appearance

She appears to be shorter than her roommate, Zuri. Tiffany is a young Asian-American girl, who has black hair and brown eyes. Her style is full of bright colors, however, her style is studious like a uniform. She is usually seen wearing a button up shirt, with colored short jeans, and flats with socks. She is very casual, and her hair is usually in a pony-tail or side-braid. She is the second shortest (behind Jorge) of the main cast.


  • She knows how to speak Korean and Mandarin.
  • She and Ravi have something in common. Both of them like academics and highly intelligent. They are also both outcasts at camp.
  • Tiffany's mother seems to be doing "tiger mother" parenting.


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