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Tim the Ice Cream Man is a character in the film The Shaggy D.A.. He is a bumbling ice cream vendor who helps the hero, Wilby Daniels defeat the evil District Attorney John Slade.


Tim is a well nurtured, yet naive and clumsy man. He can get easily frustrated like when Brian asks him to list all the 44 flavors of ice cream and then just orders vanilla. Tim seems to care deeply for his dog, Elwood, but is not beneath trying to exploit him for money.

He is in love with Katrinka Muggleburg, a woman who works at the Dolly Dixon's Warehouse and Roller Skater. Although initially she doesn't seem to care much for him, she later bails him out of prison. They get engaged by the end of the movie.

Role in the film

Tim is first seen listing the 44 flavors of Dolly Dixon's Ice Cream to Brian. Brian orders Vanilla, which frustrates Tim. Freddie tries to get rid of the Borgia Ring and sells it to Tim for $5. Thinking he could give it to Katrinka Muggleburg (a girl he likes), Tim notices the inscription on the ring and reads it. This causes Wilby Daniels to transform into a dog during an important television program. He is baffled when his dog, Elwood, disappears and goes out looking for him. He finds Wilby and thinks he is Elwood. A mad chase ensues and they end up in the admirals' flower bed. He later takes Wilby back to his truck where he learns he can talk. When Tim comes up with ways to exploit him, Wilby splits and Tim chases after him. When Elwood comes back, Tim takes him to Harry's bar to show how Elwood can talk. Elwood doesn't talk and Tim is publicly humiliated.

Later, Tim gives Katrinka the Borgia Ring. She is confused by the gift and reads the inscription, turning Wilby into a dog at an important speech at the Daisies Convention. Tim again searches for his lost Elwood and finds Wilby in a Taxi. He takes Wilby back to his van where he goes yet again to Harry's Bar to show them how he can talk. Tim tries to make a deal with a frustrated Harry that Elwood can sing. Elwood, however, reverts back to normal, and once again, Tim is publicly shamed.

Later back to his Ice Cream man's duties, Brian comes up to him and asks him what flavors he has. When Tim asks what Brian's doing there, he says he's looking for a special ring. Tim says that it sounds like the one he gave Katrinka the other day. Brian tells his father and Wilby tries to get the ring back from Katrinka, by any means necessary. Katrinka tries to give back the ring, but it turns out it fell into cherry pie filling. There is a massive pie fight to find the ring, but the ring gets lost again.

Tim later finds Wilby outside the Roller Derby. When he asks where Wilby (who he thinks is Elwood) where he's been, he says there is no time to explain and hurries into the Roller Derby. Tim goes after him and is quite bothersome to the spectators. Tim recognizes one of the roller derby contestants as his dog and chases him back to his van. When Tim gets back, Wilby locks the doors and hijacks his van. Tim jumps into the back of his open van and gets into a car chase. Wilby asks Tim to throw his confections out the back but is reluctant to do so. They crash in a park. Wilby decides to ditch Tim because it's his shaggy hide they are after.

Later on, Katrinka bails Tim out of prison. When Tim told her that Elwood was driving the van, she didn't believe him. Tim then goes out looking for Elwood again when he is pulled aside by Wilby, who he thinks is a mugger. Wilby reveals that he is not Elwood, and tells the entire story to Tim. Wilby immediately recruits Tim to help foil John Slade's plot, although Tim really doesn't want to. Tim then rides on the handlebars of Wilby's bike to get to Slade's house. Tim then pretends to be one of Eddie Roshak's thugs and tells Slade that Roshak isn't working with him anymore. Wilby and Tim then ride to Roshak's warehouse. During an attempt to break into Roshak's Warehouse, Tim shows extreme cowardice in having to climb to a dizzying height. He later trips on a beam and almost falls to his doom. They are joined by Brian and make their way into the hideout. When he finds a tape recorder, he foolishly presses the play button and it plays loud band music, almost calling the attention of Roshak. Wilby asks Tim to distract the guard, which he reluctantly does so. He takes the guard to the other side of the warehouse, where Brian throws a box on him, knocking him out. After Wilby is found by Slade he orders Tim and Brian to take a car and get out of there. They hijack a jeep and pick up a back to human Wilby and try to escape. They end up in a spray booth being sprayed by orange paint and make a head-on collision into a pile of down pillows before finally breaking free.

In the end, he and Katrinka are in the park, planning for their engagement party. They walk off with their new dogs (the ones from the pound that helped Wilby out).


  • Tim also has to be the name of the actor who plays him, Tim Conway.
  • Tim's ice cream truck has 44 flavors including Gingerbread Rocky Road Slush, Kumquat Bavarian Chocolate with Lime Mint, Pine-scented Gooseberry, Avocado Surprise, Tomato Licorice, and of course Vanilla. Brian asks him to list all the flavors before he orders.
  • There is a bonus feature on The Shaggy D.A. DVD called "The Good, the Bad and the Funny" where Tim Conway tells some stories about the making of the film and his role as Tim the Ice Cream Man.

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