"Time Crisis" is the first segment of the forty-second episode of Big City Greens.


Remy’s plan for his whole life is thrown into question when he is unprepared for a violin recital.


Remy is in the middle of practicing his violin for a recital he must perform. Cricket forces his way past Vasquez to play with his friend, but Remy tells him that his recital is important. He explains that he has been meticulously planning every part of his life with his violin recital being the most important. He plans to win first chair which he hopes will get him into a good college, leading him to become a doctor/celebrity chef/mayor/ranch dressing mogul before retiring and dying at a good old age. As he sets to getting back to practicing, he realizes that he only memorized the first page and begins to panic, believing that he will fail onward and become a homeless vagrant. As he has a nervous breakdown, Vasquez joins him too.

Cricket calms them down by telling Remy that he does not need to think about the future, because he never does. When Remy asks how he imagines the future to be, Cricket states that everything will be futuristic and that he would most likely still work at Big Coffee. When Remy suggests that Gloria will own Big Coffee by then and become tyrannical, Cricket thinks of being an action stunt man and then a banker, only for those fantasies to be downplayed by Remy. He too begins to realize that he does not have a good future planned out and the group resign themselves to failure.

Remy, Cricket and Vasquez head to the recital. After a terrible nightmare, Remy prepares himself and performs the first page of sheet music. When he gets to the next part, he begins to stall and play random chords before running off the stage in humiliation. Cricket and Vasquez spot him outside drinking ranch and comfort him when the lead recital manager comes out and tells Remy that he has won third chair. As Cricket and Vasquez suggest options for him, Remy comes to realize that he is okay with the outcome and that he no longer has to worry about the future. Remy and Cricket wonder what the future will hold for them and imagine themselves as robots with their consciousness uploaded into them.



  • The episode's title shares its name with the video game series of the same name.
  • Within Remy's book, the steps are as follows:
    • Step 1: Be Born; get named, burped, etc.
    • Step 2: Learn to Walk; one step at a time.
    • Step 3: Grow Teeth; no biting.
    • Step 4: Learn to Talk; goo goo, gah gah.
    • (Linchpin Moment!) Step 1, 372: Violin Recital
    • Final Step: Die.
  • Contrary to the events of "Coffee Quest", Cricket no longer seems to mind the idea of working at Big Coffee as long as Gloria is still there.
  • When Cricket imagines himself owning a firecracker store, one of the firecrackers is the Big One from Toy Story.
  • This episode features an on-screen death, albeit imagined, in Vasquez's special forces fantasy. He snaps a person's neck and drags their body away.
  • Remy's violin nightmare, visually references Fantasia.
  • Remy's life book seems to be his equivalent of a bucket list, which Cricket rejected in "Cricketsitter" in favor of a more literal one, because the figurative one is dark.
  • Moral: The future is up to you.


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