Timothy Smythe[2] is a character from The Proud Family.


He is the son of Oscar Proud's rival Crandall Smythe. After his father made him quit working at the Wizard Kelly Theater, he was pushed into entering the Spelling Bee Championship. Later at the Wizard Kids Learning Center, he and Penny Proud got along because they both felt the same way about their dads obsessing over a Spelling Bee. He then gets help from The Gross Sisters that they will help him win the Spelling Bee in exchange for money. At the championship, Timothy was able to get one word correct, when trying to spell Milue, Nubia pumped up the volume on his ear piece which made Oscar call security to inspect him. He was disqualified afterwards. After the Spelling Bee was over, he, Penny and the Chang Triplets were able to make it to the Beach Retreat.

Episode Appearances

  • "She's Got Game" (cameo)
  • "Spelling Bee" (first appearance)



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