Tiny  is a character who appears in the television show, Prep & Landing.


Tiny has been Magee's assistant for 89 years. He won the position after a rigorous interview process over more qualified applicants with his encyclopedic knowledge of Christmas Eve protocol and his ability to carry several scalding hot mugs of eggnog lattes through six feet high snow drifts.

Prior to his current vocational path, Tiny was a well-regarded athlete among the elves at the North Pole. He was a champion reindeer jockey and an all-star center on the Holiday Hoopsters basketball team before an unfortunate shoulder injury suffered during tree trimming festivities prematurely ended his athletic career.

Physical Appearance

Tiny's whole body is never really seen, expect for his hat.


Prep & Landing

Tiny (only his hat seen) first appears when Wayne enters Magee's office just as he watches his assistant's conversation with Wayne just as Magee tells Tiny to send Wayne to send Wayne to his assignment. He then appears again during the part when Santa is deployed to deliver gifts to Timmy's house where Tiny gives Magee her cup. Later when Santa is traveling through a snowstorm, she calls Tiny to stay in contact with Santa just as Magee decides to cancel Santa's plan. Later when Santa successfully arrives at Timmy's house, the other elves celebrate while Magee starts to faint just as Tiny takes her cup.

Naughty vs. Nice

Tiny's appearances are very limited in this special. Tiny is first seen handing over the phone to Magee just as she calls Thistleton. Later during a plan for the elves who have a new assignment, Tiny then appears and notifies Magee that the elves are at NPCECCC. Tiny later appears handing Magee the telephone so she can call Thistleton while Noel finds the Fruitcake inside Grace's house. Tiny also appears handing Magee her cup while Thistleton sees Grace's devious actions being done to the NPCECCC and later during the part where everyone is being marked naughty thanks to this. It is unknown what happened to Tiny afterwards the damage caused was undone by Wayne and Noel.

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