"Toad Tax" is the first segment of the tenth episode of Amphibia. It premiered on July 2, 2019.


Anne befriends toad soldiers to gain respect in Wartwood.


While out shopping, Anne begins to feel bad as everyone has little to no respect for her. People constantly walk all over her and call her "scarecrow" due to her tall appearance and puffy hair. Hop Pop tells her that Wartwood is known for being "slow to accept and even slower to respect" which is actually their town motto. They are suddenly visited by toad foot soldiers, Bog, Fens and Meyer, from Toad Tower who have come to collect the tax. Anne and Sprig approach them because they think they are cool. The toads are surprised to see Anne and try to attack her, but when Anne fights back Bog is impressed with her. She decides to stick around with the toads, making Sprig jealous who leaves with the rest. Anne speaks with the toads who tell her that the taxes came up short so Mayor Toadstool gave them a list of those who did not pay. Anne becomes a deputy for them after Bog tells her that the citizens of Wartwood will have to respect her.

Anne happily tells the Plantars of her new position, resulting in Sprig secretly following her to see what she and the toads are up to. Anne is shocked to learn that the toads use brutal force to barge into people's homes and take their things due to not receiving their taxes. With every house they hit, Anne secretly leaves behind an item for the owners to hang on to. While following them, Sprig spots Mayor Toadstool and Toadie carrying large bags of money. He learns that the Mayor has been swindling the taxes and hiding them in a recently added statue. Upon catching them, Sprig flees with the Mayor and Toadie in hot pursuit.

Anne is shocked to discover that Hop Pop is on the list of those who have not paid. She attempts to vouch for him adding that "he made [her] watch" him do it, but Bog will not hear any of it. Anne turns against the toads and fights them, but gets injured. At the last moment, Sprig arrives to protect her and the rest of the town threatens the toads. Sprig reveals to them that the Mayor stole the taxes and he is chased away by the townspeople. The toads return everyone's belongings with Bog telling Anne that she no longer has his respect. The toads secretly tell each other that they will tell the captain about Anne. The townspeople happily praise Anne for her heroic deed and they happily agree to sign her cast that she got when she was injured.



  • This episode, along with "Prison Break", is the first one to not play the whole intro.
  • By the time this episode takes place, Anne states that she has been in Amphibia for over a month.


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