Toad Tower is a frightening castle located far beyond in the mountains of Wartwood Swamp, where most fiercest toads reside. It originally served as home to the cruel warlord Captain Grime


Toad Tower was describe as a rather scary dark castle and according to Sprig Plantar, the toads that live there are the brevest, fiercest warriors and served as the home of Captain Grime and temporary home of Sasha who was originally a prisoner there until she became second-in-command.  


Anne or Beast?

Toad Tower dosen't actually appear in this episode, but it could be seen on a map showing all of Wartwood Swamp.

Best Fronds

It makes a brief cameo near the end while Captain Grime is talking with Sasha.

Prison Break

The castle has its first full appearance where a couple of giant herons attacked Toad Tower and nearly destroyed it but were stopped by both Sasha and Captain Grime.


One-Eyed Wally later blows it up by using a dozen boomshrooms which causes most of Toad Tower to fall apart therefore, forcing Grime and his army to leave. 



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