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"Toad to Redemption" is the first segment of the thirty-sixth episode of Amphibia. It aired on April 3, 2021.


Mayor Toadstool is offered his dream job, but doesn't want to leave Wartwood.


Mayor Toadstool surprises Toadie when he suggests that they use some of the budget to fill in the potholes in Wartwood instead of getting a new jacuzzi. He tells him that ever since the fall of Toad Tower, the people of Wartwood have started to see him in a new light and has decided to become more helpful to the people. An alligator snapping turtle-drawn caravan from Newtopia arrives with a representative named Jacinda coming to see Toadstool. She tells him that ever since Toad Tower's fall, they have been looking for someone to replace the outpost and have chosen him to lead it. While this is a goal that Toadstool has always wanted, he has come to realize that he loves Wartwood more than anything. Jacinda tells him that if he refuses he will be imprisoned. Toadie tells Toadstool that he should take the position and goes to pack his things.

Anne barges in asking about Hop Pop's parking tickets and Toadstool tells her what is happening. She explains that when she tries to get out of a chore at home, she just does a terrible job at it so that her mom will get her off of it. Toadstool decides to do just that by pretending to be cowardly and incompetent at leading. They first stage a bandit attack on Hop Pop's stand, but Mrs. Croaker, not knowing of the plan, stops it. Next they make a bad fence that allows moles to burrow into the town, but Toadstool accidentally defeats them by dropping barrels onto them. Both times, Jacinda compliments Toadstool on his actions. When Toadie arrives to tell Toadstool that he is all packed, Jacinda reveals that she will replace him as Toadstool's assistant, thus putting him out of a job much to his horror.

Toadstool defends Toadie at the risk of his fate and was about to explain the truth when the town is suddenly overrun by bandits composed of the former Toad Tower inhabitants lead by Bog, Fens, and Mire, who demands all of the town's valuables or they'll burn the whole place down. Toadstool decides to stand up for his people and feigns despising the town by offering the toads to be his assistants. However, he immediately leads an attack on them and together the townsfolk (and even a mole) capture the toads. Jacinda speaks with Toadstool and decides to revoke the decision to have him lead Toad Tower because he is too "soft-hearted" for the people of Wartwood. She instead gives the position to Bog because of his ruthless nature and she leaves with the toads. Toadstool apologizes to the townsfolk, but they immediately forgive him while he cuddles Toadie and promises never to leave him, much to everyone's disgust.



  • Toad Tower is being rebuilt and gets a new leader in Bog.
  • When Anne goes over the plans on how to make Toadstool look bad, one of the images is that of a dragon burning Jacinda. The dragon resembles Trogdor from the Homestar Runner flash series.
  • Anne and Sprig get arrested in this episode.
  • We learn that Mayor Toadstool's first name is Froderick.

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