Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Disneyland in particular, celebrated its 25th anniversary April 15, 2008 to April 14, 2009.


Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary Logo

Theme song

An original song, "Mahou no Kagi ~ The Dream Goes On", was written to serve as the theme song for the anniversary. Both Japanese and English version were written and used. The commercial single version was performed by both Tatsuya Ishii and Satomi Takasugi. 

Attractions Introduced

Limited Edition Attractions

  • Dreams fireworks show at both parks
  • Anniversary Greetings at Tokyo Disneyland, Anniversary Meet & Smile at Tokyo DisneySea
  • Starlight Dreams at Tokyo Disneyland, July 8 - August 31, 2008: Mickey and his friends share their special Disney memories.
  • Dreams Within at Tokyo Disneyland, January 19 - April 14, 2009: A little girl seeks the "magic key" to help her soft spoken little brother make friends, but the two of them travel through several different Disney worlds chasing down Pluto, who's been separated from Mickey. In the end, they learn that the key to making their dreams come true is inside themselves.
  • Mickey's Dream Company at Tokyo DisneySea, January 19 - April 14, 2009: A girl named Margaret dreams of being a dancer and auditions for the renowned theater troupe Mickey's Dream Company, but is rejected. However, different Disney characters help her learn to work hard and achieve her dream.


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