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Tom Lucitor is the demon prince of the Underworld and Star Butterfly's ex-boyfriend in the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil.



Tom is considerably short-tempered. When he gets angry, Tom's eyes glow bright red, and sometimes speak in a low-pitched demonic voice. He has a very controlling personality, wanting things to go exactly the way he wants them; anything that deviates from his plans can set off his temper, even small things like Star not wanting to wear a spider on her head. When not enraged, Tom can be rather easygoing, as he understands that Star might not want to go to the ball in "Blood Moon Ball" and is later willing to listen to Marco in "Mr. Candle Cares". In addition, he makes a genuine effort to overcome his anger issues in "Friendenemies", and he can be generous and compromising.

Over time, Tom has grown to be an extremely understanding and respectful prince, determined to be a better person to his friends and subjects. He behaves gentlemanly and polite toward his fellow royals at the Silver Bell Ball in "Club Snubbed", and does his best to give Star her space. In "Demoncism", he tries to rid himself of his inner demons. These developments help Tom reconcile his relationship with Star again. Although Tom still has problems with his temper, as he becomes annoyed at Star choosing to keep watch over the Mewman/monster gathering rather than spend time with him.

Physical Appearance

Tom is a tall average built purple - skinned teenager with light red hair done up in a fire-like hairdo. He has two horns sticking out of his head and possesses three eyes with red irises and black mascara. He has sharp teeth and pointy ears with several piercings. He wears with a dark red shirt with ripped edges and a star in the center and a matching red wrist band on his right arm. He wears black pants with ripped leggings and belt along with brown boots.

Role in the series

Season One

Tom Lucitor is Star Butterfly's ex-boyfriend. While there has not been much detail describing how they met, what is known is that they broke up and it went badly for Tom who has been vying to get back with Star no matter what. He briefly appears in "Match Maker" where it is evident that Star wants nothing to do with him. He finally makes a full appearance in "Blood Moon Ball" where he asks her out to the titular dance as a way of making amends. It is revealed that their break up was the result of Tom's fiery temper, but he has since hired a temper coach to help him. It is quickly revealed that the ball is just his attempt at trying to permanently tie their souls together under the Blood Moon, which is ruined when Marco Diaz ends up dancing with her. Star once again abandons him when he is incapable of handling his temper.

Season Two

Tom returns in "Mr. Candle Cares" where he hires the titular character to manipulate Star and Marco's career guidance so that he can win Star back. Marco sees through the ruse and gets Tom to come out, and he angrily becomes convinced that Marco has a crush on Star as well. He plans to kill him over a game of ping pong, but after talking with him about Star, realizes that no matter what he does, he cannot control her and apologizes to both of them. He seems to legitimately want to change when he agrees to go see a Mackie Hand movie with Marco in "Friendenemies", though this was part of some ploy to pass a temper exam. Nevertheless, his relationship with Marco ends up improving and they become friendlier with one another.

Season Three

Tom becomes more prominent when he returns in "Club Snubbed". He has decided to move on from Star, but the two end up getting back together again in "Demoncism" when she finds out that he has been genuinely trying to change to be a better person, not for her, but for himself. They are confirmed to be in a happy relationship in "Lava Lake Beach". As the season progresses, Tom tries to spend more time with Star who seems more focused on trying to change Mewni for the better. While supportive in her endeavors, he begins to feel left out and at one point was accused by Marco of not knowing her birthday. He aids the two in trying to defend Mewni from Meteora Butterfly in the two parter "Divide" and "Conquer". During this time, he learns that Marco kissed Star during the events of "Booth Buddies", while he thought Marco was lying in an effort to get him to leave, he learns he was telling the truth, yet seemed oddly indifferent to the news. He also realizes that he does not know everything about Star such as her butterfly transformation which actually does bother him.

Season Four

Tom begins to casually hang out with Star, Marco and Janna Ordonia while still maintaining a relatively healthy relationship with the former. He continues to tease Marco in jest, but finds Janna to be slightly intimidating. His "coolness" begins to waver as he becomes socially awkward. While not outright said, in "A Boy and His DC-700XE", it is implied that he feels emasculated by Marco who has matured throughout the series while Tom became more gentrified by his changing attitude and more controlled state. Star at one point even questions why he was not angry about her having kissed Marco while they were still together. He agrees to help split the Blood Moon curse that was set up between Star and Marco in "Curse of the Blood Moon" and tries to continue his relationship with Star, but in "Doop-Doop", he takes a break from her when she does not know what to do with herself following her relinquishing her rule to Eclipsa Butterfly.

Finding their relationship perplexing, Tom decides to break up with Star in "Sad Teen Hotline", but remains friends with her. Tom joins Star, Marco and Janna in going back to Mewni to save it from Mina Loveberry during which he tells Marco that he should continuing pursuing Star. While traveling through the magic dimension to reach Mewni, the group becomes corrupted by the dimension's influence and Tom ends up staying behind while the other three escape. In "Cleaved", he has become totally corrupted with Star and Marco arriving to destroy the magic. Marco saves Tom by feeding him pudding and then team up to protect Star and her family from those trying to stop them. After magic is destroyed, Tom is shown to have returned to Mewni and alerts Star to the portal that suddenly opened in the sky. Despite having accepted that Star belongs with Marco, Pony Head still does not like seeing Tom around her. He is not seen afterwards after Mewni and Earth combine into one world.


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  • In a storyboard test, Tom originally had a different design, including a different hairstyle and horns.
    • Also, Tom was even more short-tempered and prone to angry, childish tantrums. He was also petty and disproportionately vengeful, threatening to unleash hordes of demons and monsters upon the Earth just because Star refuses to go with him to Demon Prom.
  • His name is likely a reference to "The Devil and Tom Walker", Washington Irving's adaptation of the story of Faust.
  • Tom's last name, Lucitor, is possibly based on Lucifer, a Biblical fallen angel, and Devil of the Abrahamic religions.
  • Despite the absence of magic at the end of "Cleaved", Daron Nefcy confirmed in a Reddit Q&A that Tom can still travel back and forth between Mewni/Earth and the Underworld as he still possesses demonic abilities.[2]


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