Tom Thumb is one of the main protagonists of the 2002 film The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.


Physical Appearance

Tom is a handsome young man with brown hair and black eyes and thick eyebrows. Tom is shown to usually wear a light yellow shirt with long sleeves that are slightly rolled up and wears brown pants with red suspenders and dark brown shoes.

When Tom later attends a party held by the mice, Tom changes clothes and wears a blue suit and a loose tie along with a white shirt. At the end of the film, when Tom and Thumbelina get married, Tom's hair is nice and neat and he wears a blue jacket with gold buttons along with a light-yellow shirt and is wearing a pair of white gloves.


Tom was born as Prince Horace in a village filled with tiny people. When Horace was born he was betrothed to marry a newborn, Princess Maya. However one night when he was a toddler, the village was attacked by Roman, a circus owner who wanted to kidnap the tiny people and force them to become part of his circus. Roman was unable to capture many, but he managed to capture Prince Horace and Princess Maya. However, Horace managed to escape and was eventually found by a man called Ben. Unaware where he came from, Ben adopted him and named him Tom Thumb. Tom led a happy life with Ben as they went on the road with their singing dogs, however Tom felt out of place in the world as he believed he was the only one of his kind. Eventually years later, Ben and Tom decided to go back to the very place where Ben first found him so that Tom would find other people his own size as Ben could no longer care for him as his health was failing and would soon pass away.


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