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Tommy Pervis is a minor character in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He is a friend of Nick Szalinski.

Role in the film

He was given permission to mow the Szalinskis' backyard one Saturday (if he throws in a box of cookies), but he doesn't because he has to meet someone named Newt right away. He doesn't show up until the next morning when (unknown to him) Nick, Amy, and the Thompson kids are shrunken in the backyard. Because of them being so, Wayne and Diane Szalinski tell him to stop the lawnmower and get off the grass. When he tells him Nick said he could mow it the day before, he apologizes for being late. Diane forgives him and sends him home through their house because it is "safer". He does not get what is "safer" about going through the house and he decides they are weirder than his own parents.

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