Tomorrowland is a the titular setting of the Disney Parks, "Land" of the same name. It has also appeared in many adaptations in other media, typically in different continuities. Tomorrowland is an idyllic utopia of technological and society innovation.



Disney Parks

When Tomorrowland at Disneyland was first created, it was set in the distant-future of 1986; a date chosen due to 1986 marking the return of Haley's Comet. Unlike most of the anachronistic lands in Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom parks, Tomorrowland is often treated as a diegetic location within the stories of its attractions.

In the parks it can be observed that Tomorrowland is something of an interstellar space-port with a fair amount of extra-terrestrial immigrants and visitors. Most famously is Space Mountain, a space-port which uses rockets and matter-transporters to act as a sort of intergalactic airport. Tomorrowland's reach can be shown as aurebesh advertisements for travel to Tomorrowland could be found on the planet of Coruscant in a galaxy far, far away. Tomorrowland's interstellar connections could be observed from its Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center which housed many off-world presentations, including a disastrous incident when the evil X-S Tech corporation released an alien monster on a group of civilians.

As far as authority goes, at at least one point in time Tomorrowland was ruled by a mayor named Tom Morrow. Morrow appeared to be an android or cyborg and is noted for having previously been a missions director for Tomorrowland flights to the moon in the location's early days. There is also the Tomorrowland Transit Authority which is an organization that runs to public-access People-Movers and likely had a hand in other transportation affairs throughout the region such as the monorail which provided easy access to inhabitants. The TTA makes their base in Rockettower Plaza near the gates of Tomorrowland.

Other features of Tomorrowland includes Submarine Lagoon which is a submarine port used by the Institute for Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation (AKA NEMO) and which is connected to ancient ruins believed to be connected to Atlantis as-well as cryptozoological creatures such as mermaids. There is also Innoventions which advertises the most recent technologies, a headquarters for the Imagination Institute which largely studies psionics, and Autopia AKA The Tomorrowland Speedway which is a miniature racetrack for cars, made to be an automobile's utopia.





The film Tomorrowland revolves around the titular location being in a pocket-dimension.


Miles from Tomorrowland

Miles from Tomorrowland is a Disney Junior series revolving around a human family from Tomorrowland, sent out by the Tomorrowland Transit Authority to explore space.

Mickey Mouse

Tomorrowland makes a cameo in the episode Space Walkies  when Mickey Mouse lands his rocket in Tomorrowland. In the background Space Mountain, the Moonliner and a hub for Star Command are all visible.

Printed Materials

Before Tomorrowland

Before Tomorrowland is a novel which serves as a prequel to the 2015 film Tomorrowland.

In this story, the dimension that came to be known as Tomorrowland was first discovered in 1899 by Nikola Tesla and other Plus Ultra scientists, who had been seeking a private locale to test and experiment new ideas and technologies with minimal interference. An effort to open a portal into this new dimension began in earnest and in the Siberian wilderness in 1908, a super-powered nuclear bomb was used to open a hole in space and time to access the dimension, causing the Tunguska Event. It worked, but Plus Ultra sought less destructive means of travel between the two realms. In 1928, a particle beam created by Nikola Tesla allowed for less damaging means of travel, but an experiment gone awry the following year lead to a delay in human settlement. However, construction by robotic workers continued within the other dimension to create powerstations and infrastructure for Plus Ultra's needs and by the mid 1930s, Plus Ultra was ready to resume their work.

They planned a reveal of the alternate dimension at the 1939 New York World's Fair and a contest to name the realm. The city was to be held as a publicity stunt, though Howard Hughes, one of Plus Ultra's biggest backers, had already been insistent on referring to the alternate dimension as "The New Frontier". However, a conflict between Plus Ultra, a group of Nazis lead by scheming ex-Plus Ultra scientist Werner Rotwang, and Henry Stevens, a young Plus Ultra inductee turned vengeful cyborg, lead to the reveal plan being shelved and numerous setbacks delaying any further work.

The beginnings of the city known as Tomorrowland itself would result from the work of a redeemed Henry, who built new robot workers and lead them to begin constructing the city before his power sources drained for good in the mid 1950s.

Disney Parks

Disney Springs

In the marketplace of Disney Springs is a flight-board which identifies Disney Springs as being connected to Tomorrowland via airline.


Astro Orbiter

In this attraction's backstory, it was created by the League of Planets as a display of good-will with Tomorrowland, representation of unity amongst the worlds, and training station for young astronauts.

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

This attraction was hosted in the Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Centre via the Tomorrowland Chamber of Commerce.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is themed to being Tomorrowland's star-port.

Star Tours

Tomorrowland is advertised in the Coruscant sequence and the original Star Tours was set in the, "Tomorrowland Starport".

The Timekeeper

This attraction was set within Tomorrowland's Metropolis Science Centre, a facility operated by the Metropolis Institute of Time Travel. Allusions to ongoings in Tomorrowland were scattered throughout the queue.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People-Mover


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