Tony's Restaurant is an Italian food restaurant where Tony and Joe work, and where Lady and Tramp and also Scamp and Angel ate dinner and felt more in love in Lady and the Tramp and its sequel.


Lady and the Tramp

Tony's Restaurant first appears when Tramp takes Lady out and takes her, when Lady is about to enter through the front door, when Tramp takes her out back. When Lady meets Tony and Joe, Tony sets up a table, while Joe makes bones. When Tony gives them spaghetti, Lady and Tramp eat the spaghetti, then they leave the restaurant.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

The restaurant appears, briefly in the sequel. When Scamp takes out Angel. When Scamp calls Tony and Joe, Scamp and Angel eat spaghetti (like Scamp's parents did). Then Scamp and Angel leave the restaurant.


  • Tony's restaurant made a cameo appearance in the live-action film 102 Dalmatians when the dogs watch a DVD of the Bella Notte scene, as the dalmatian puppies fall asleep.
  • Tony's restaurant also made an appearance in Once Upon a Time where Emma Swan and Captain Hook share a romantic dinner.


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