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Tony. Tony Rydinger.
―Tony introducing himself to Rick Dicker[src]

Anthony "Tony" Rydinger is a minor character in Disney/Pixar's 2004 animated film The Incredibles and a supporting character in its 2018 sequel. He is Violet Parr's love interest.


In the first film, little was known about Tony's personality, but he acted rather shy and stuttered a lot when he asked Violet out on a date.

In the sequel, Tony is shown to be a kind and approachable teenager, despite his popularity at school. He is also honest, recalling every detail truthfully about discovering Violet's identity as a superhero and the events leading up to it when Rick Dicker was questioning him. He even displayed sympathy towards Supers and their plight.

Even after losing Tony's memory of Violet, he asked her politely if he knew her during their confrontation at school, and genuinely responded with concern after she sprayed water out of her nose upon seeing him at the Happy Platter, showing that he is genial to people he barely knows. Despite those awkward interactions, Tony was still open to become Violet's boyfriend and accepted her date invitation.


The Incredibles

Tony is a popular student of Western View Junior High on whom Violet has a crush. She tries to talk to him, but is too shy and disappears whenever he looks at her. This is seen in the beginning of the film when he is leaving with his posse and briefly catches a glimpse of her before she disappears.

At the end of the film, Tony finally notices Violet while attending Dash's track meet in the epilogue to the film, and invites her to go to the movies. He does so with a stutter, and she shows she has overcome her shyness by finishing his sentence. Tony and Violet then settle on going on a date that Friday.

Incredibles 2

Tony returns in the sequel with a more pivotal role, namely in Violet's side of the narrative.

Just when it looks like Tony and Violet might have a future together, or at least a first date, he ended up getting caught in the Parrs battle against the Underminer, which leads to him to discover her true identity. Violet tried to talk to Tony, but he ran away. He was later interrogated by Rick Dicker, who has him recall what he saw. During the interrogation, he displayed sympathy towards Supers, but still wished he could forget the whole ordeal; to which Dicker complied by erasing his memory after he confirmed he didn't tell anyone else.

Unfortunately, Dicker also erased Tony's memories of Violet, resulting in him failing to show. Later, she confronts him at school, but he couldn't remember her due to his memory being wiped. While Violet initially thought Tony was just acting, which caused her to suffer a minor depression, she eventually learned of his memory wipe after her father accidentally lets it slip.

Tony and Violet met again when he served her and her family at The Happy Platter, where he works part-time due to his family owning the restaurant. However, Violet didn't know this and upon seeing him she sprayed the water she was drinking out of her nose, embarrassing herself in front of him. Bob then introduced her to him, followed with the rest of her family introducing themselves as well. While her father, who had set this all up, hoped that this would allow them to start over, Violet instead angrily stormed off.

After the Parrs successfully stopped Evelyn's plan and superheroes were legalized again, Violet built up the courage to ask Tony on a date again, which he accepted. As her family were bringing them to the theater, they encountered two cars engaging in a shoot-out. Just before the family took off to stop the threat, Tony gets out of the car, with Violet promising to be back in time.



  • Tony received an updated appearance in the sequel, appearing younger, slimmer, and with darker hair.
  • According to Rick Dicker, Tony's family owns the Happy Platter, a restaurant featured in Incredibles 2. He is seen working there later in the movie.
  • Tony's appearance slightly resembles Tom Holland's Spider-Man/Peter Parker.
  • Tony is voiced by Michael Bird, a relative of Brad Bird.

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