The Toon Council is a group of Toons who pass all Laws, Decrees, Bills, etc. in Toontown and are also the main governing body. The chairman is Flippy who has his own office in the Toontown Central Playground. Also, one of the leaders of the Toon Council is Lil Oldman (The Brrrgh, Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way).


Not much is known about the Toon Council, but one of their known duties is to supervise Toon Names. When a Toon requests a name when you create a Toon by using Type-A-Name, the Toon Council will look over the name and will either accept or reject the name (Forcing the Toon to change to another name). If accepted, the Toon will receive a certificate for the Toon's Name from the Toon Council.

Another known duty is to warn Toons of Cog HQs and keep Toons safe from the dangers of them. The Toon Council has instituted Laff Limits on various elevators of the Cog HQs, preventing Toons with a lower laff amount than the limit from entering the elevator. They also appoint Toon Troop and Resistance Rangers.

And yet another duty from the Toon Council is to mail you the gift(s) from redeeming (a) code(s) or (an) award(s) from winning (a) contest(s).

Toon Council are like presidents of Toontown. They have hidden cameras in the angels of the playgrounds . They supervise the Toons as they work.

The Toon Council located the CogTV by hacking into their servers and they found it. Thanks to Flippy!

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