Topolino in: "Ho Sposato una Strega" (English: Mickey in "I Married a Witch") is a banned Italian Disney comics story parodying the 1942 romantic comedy I Married a Witch originally published on February 11, 1990 in Topolino #1785.

Due to the story focusing on Mickey finding love with someone other then Minnie Mouse as well as panels that were seen as suggestive, Disney had the story pulled from any further international circulation, destroying all original artwork materials for reproduction. Only scans and un-official fan translations have persisted into the internet era.


When Mickey's plans for his latest crimestopping adventure with Chief O'Hara, a month-long trip to catch a cat burglar, results in an argument with Minnie, he soon finds himself alone with his trip being cancelled and Minnie storming off on a cruise alone not wanting to see him again. Mickey and Pluto set off on a trip alone in O'Hara's rented RV.

On his way out of town and driving through a storm, Mickey picks up a female hitchhiker named Samantha. When stopping for gas and being harassed by an attendant calling Samantha a witch, Mickey learns that she and her father have a bad reputation in town. Mickey decides to stay with them and over the next month falls in love with Samantha. Mickey is smitten enough to propose, though Samantha's father tells him the truth that the two of them really do have magical powers, though no black magic, and even the people of Mouseton might disapprove. Mickey doesn't care and Samantha vows to abandon her powers to make people see her as normal.

The two are wed, but Samantha continually risks exposing herself, using magic to create an impressive meal for a dinner party with Horace and Clarabelle and storm clouds starting to follow the couple's movement. The growing suspicion results in an angry mob forming outside of Mickey's house and Samantha confessing to her visiting father that she's been failing to hide her abilities. Everything then fades away as her father reveals that the entire marriage scenario was an illusion he conjured to test their will and they never even left his house. Mickey and Samantha are forced to part ways, though she leaves him a photo to remember her by.


  • Artwork of Samantha would later be re-traced into a new character for a single page French puzzle story in 1993.
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