Toy Duck or Zombie Duck is the duck seen in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Toy Duck was made during the ¨Making Christmas¨ sequence to be one of Jack Skellington's macabre Christmas presents. The duck was created by the Vampires of Halloween Town.

Jack Skellington gives him and a vampire teddy bear to a pair of children when he gives presents to the little kids in the real world. Near the end of the movie, Santa Claus comes and replaces the toy duck with a toy boat. He does the same with the other toys that Jack delivered.

Other Appearances

Disney Crossy Road

The toy duck is a playable character in this mobile-app based game.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

In both versions of Haunted Mansion Holiday, you can see him in the attic scene along with other scary toys Jack delivered in the movie. He also appears in one of the portraits in the stretching room.


  • The Toy Duck shares a resemblance to Donald Duck as shown by the pajamas of the kid who received the toy
  • From 2001 - 2002 the duck toy appeared in the exit crypt of the Haunted Mansion Holiday along with Jack's other scary toys


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