The Toy shop is a location, from Disney's 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective. Fidget goes there to collect some of the things that Ratigan needs for his scheme to take over all of Mousedom, such as uniforms from the toy soldiers and mechanisms from the mechanical toys. Basil, Dawson, Olivia are later led there by Toby while pursing him. After entering through the same panel of glass in the window that Fidget did, the trio look around the shop for clues, during which time Dawson finds the bat's list. However, before he can show it to Basil, they are distracted by all of the mechanical toys in the shop coming on at the same time, due to having been wound up by Fidget. Olivia goes over to a musical cradle and peers inside, hoping to see a doll. Unfortunately, it turns out that Fidget is hiding in it and he quickly grabs Olivia and stuffs her into his sack.

Basil and Dawson pursue the fiend but Fidget uses several toys to slow them down. First, he rolls a mechanical wheel at them, which pushes them onto a picture-roll toy. Next, Fidget attempts to push a giant doll down on them but luckily, Basil and Dawson are able to run away before it squashes them. Finally, the bat winds up a knight on horseback which careens toward the heroes, resulting in Dawson getting scooped up onto its lance and flung into a dartboard when the toy slows down. Meanwhile, Basil gets knocked unconscious after being hit by the cymbals of a figure on a music box.

Fidget tries to leave the toy shop the same way that he came in but quickly looks for another escape route when he finds out that Toby is waiting outside the window. As he climbs up a pile of toys at the top of which is a skylight, Basil comes to and begins following him. Unfortunately, after reaching the skylight, Fidget knocks over a block on the top which causes the whole pile to collapse, sending Basil falling to the counter below. However, Dawson is finally able to show him the list and the two head back to Baker Street so they can analyze it.


  • One of the toys in the shop is a bubble-blowing wooden model of Dumbo.
  • The fireman's band music box is a reference to a band that animator Frank Churchill was a part of called The Firehouse Five Plus Two.


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