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Toy Story Treats (also known in some regions as Toy Story Shorts) are a series of short interstitials made by Pixar Animation Studios that were used for commercial breaks on ABC's Saturday morning lineup in 1996, shortly around the time of the VHS and Laserdisc release of the original Toy Story. The shorts largely focus on Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and the Aliens, as well as some of the minor toys seen in Andy's room (however, some of the other main characters from the film, such as Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and Bo Peep, did not appear in any of the shorts).


This series marks the first time a Pixar property had been spun-off for television. This was also one of the first times, outside of video games and merchandise, that Jim Hanks and Pat Fraley replaced Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as the voices of Woody and Buzz, respectively, due to unavailability.

Due to time constraints and the large number of shorts in production, as well as the smaller production budgets, the characters in Toy Story Treats are quite roughly animated and do not have Pixar's standard fluid animation as seen in their feature films.



Image Title Synopsis
Tstreatarmy1.png Green Army Man Chant #1 This was a commercial bumper that aired before the commercial break.

"We'll be back after this break. Don't touch that dial for goodness' sake!"

Hands Down Winner.png Hands Down Winner Woody is playing Checkers with Hand-in-the-Box, who is waiting impatiently for him to make his move. Rex pops up behind Woody and starts giving his opinion on the game while Buzz walks in just after Woody makes his move and tells him "Bad move." Hand-in-the-Box makes his move and clears the entire board much to Woody's disappointment. The Aliens give him the trophy and hoist him up and down while he holds it in triumph.
Thrill Ride 1.png Alien Launch #1 Rex waits in line among the Aliens for his turn in riding on Hand-in-the-Box.
Shadow Warrior.png Shadow Warrior Woody walks past the lamp and sees Buzz's shadow instead of his own. Woody looks around to see if Buzz made the shadow, but he isn't there. Woody then starts to do movements and the Buzz shadow mimics him. Woody begins flexing his muscles at the door, with the Buzz shadow making it look as if he is strong. A group of Aliens walks in to watch. Buzz's shadow shoots out his wings and jumps away, which makes Woody turn around and his normal shadow to return while Woody chuckles in embarrassment.
Toy Story Treats- Magic Mirror.png Rex Robot Robot goes by a couple stacks of blocks when he sees another version of himself on the other side as if it were a mirror. When Robot backs up and goes past it again, he then sees Rex, who runs away screaming.
Woody's Nightmare.png Woody's Nightmare Sid has swapped Woody and Buzz's heads, but then wakes up and screams, then breathes a sigh of relief.
Itchy Rex.png Itchy Rex Rex turns Hand-in-the-Box's handle multiple times until the hand finally pops out and scratches Rex's back.
Staring Contest.png Staring Contest Woody goes up to Lenny challenging him to a staring contest. Woody, at the start, struggles not to blink, while Lenny does not have any trouble. It comes to the point, where Woody is shaking and then he finally blinks. Woody then falls down and comes back up saying to Lenny, "Oh, you're good!"
Hat dance.png Hat Dance Babyface does a Mexican hat dance around Woody's hat on the floor. Woody walks over and picks it back up but finds it shredded from Babyface's sharp legs.
Thrill Ride 2.png Alien Launch #2 Rex waits in line among the Aliens for his turn in riding on Hand-in-the-Box.
Alien Encounter.png Alien Encounter The Aliens are seen exploring Andy's room when they stop to admire a ball in excitement. They see Woody standing next to the ball posing for their attention, and then go back to admiring the ball again.
Ticklish Rex.png Ticklish Rex Rex encounters Hand-in-the-Box, who proceeds to tickle him wildly.
Toy Story Treats- TV Time.png TV Time Woody, Buzz, Hamm and Rex are all watching TV. Woody is happy to find a western, much to the chagrin of the other toys who all groan, causing Woody to say "Fine, then you pick a show!" Buzz changes it to a movie called The Star Eaters which Woody scoffs at for being science-fiction (much to Buzz's surprise). Rex changes it to a dinosaur documentary hoping for it to have a happy ending, only to see it end with the meteor as Hamm anticipated. Hamm then changes it to the Wall Street Report. Woody questions him about it with a puzzled look on his face and Hamm replies, "Oh sure, on the outside I may be a pig, but on the inside... I'm all bank!"
Hamm's Scam.png Aliens New Planet The Aliens are putting their change in Hamm's slot who tells them that they now own their own planet which is actually a ball of the planet Earth.
Rex in danger.png Nervous Rex Rex is telling Hamm, Lenny and RC that he believes a new toy appears in the room every time Andy sees a commercial for it on the TV. Hamm then turns to the TV and says "Oh, look, a commercial for a new dinosaur toy. And it glows in the dark!"
Checker King.png Checker King Woody plays a game of checkers with the Aliens, but the aliens manage to win by somehow levitating the checker pieces and finish by saying "King Me".
Global Swarming.png Global Swarming The Aliens show the ball to Woody who tells them that they do not have the real Earth. But the Aliens turn the ball round to reveal a large label that says "The Earth".
Who's There?.png Who's There? Hand-in-the-Box and Rex are seen on the desk beside each other. Hand-in-the-Box pokes Rex on the back and moves the hand away when Rex turns his head around. Hand-in-the-Box pokes Rex on the back again, and Rex turns his body around to see who's there. Hand-in-the-Box orbits him out of sight, until Rex's tail knocks Hand-in-the-Box off the desk.
Team Work.png Team Work Woody tells Buzz, Rex, Robot, Snake, Babyface and Rocky Gibraltar to move their legs and act as a television antenna. Rex asks "Why doesn't Andy just get cable?"
Thrill Ride -3.png Alien Launch #3 Rex waits in line among the Aliens for his turn in riding on Hand-in-the-Box.
Toy Story Treats- Shell Game.png Shell Game Robot shows Rex three Troikas. He puts the ladybug in one of them. He mixes them up and Rex has to guess which one he put it in. He first guesses the cat (the one does not have the ladybug in it), then he guesses the bulldog (the one that does not have the ladybug either). He then picks the duck which shakes for a little bit. All of a sudden, Babyface pops out of the duck while in one of his claws holds the ladybug causing Rex to fall down.
Channel Surfing.png Channel Surfing Rex is standing on the TV remote and tells Hamm he's "channel surfing".
Aliens on Board.png Aliens on Board A small wind-up car drives up behind Woody, who turns around and watches as dozens of Aliens pop out of the car. Woody then looks at the viewers and says, "I know. It's not funny when clowns do it either!"
Thrill Ride -4.png Alien Launch #4 Rex waits in line among the Aliens for his turn in riding on Hand-in-the-Box.
Professor Rex.png Professor Rex Rex is worried over a debate on whether dinosaurs were hot-blooded or cold-blooded, while some of the toys that are listening to him (including Woody) eventually get bored and leave. At the end, one of the Aliens is the only one who is still interested in it.
Green Army Man Chant -2.png Green Army Man Chant #2 This was a commercial bumper that aired before the commercial break.

"Don't get mad, don't hold the grudge. We'll be back, so don't you budge!

New Sheriff.png New Sheriff Woody wakes up on Andy's bed and finds that his hat and badge are missing. When he gets off the bed he finds that a group of Aliens have been watching one of the other aliens imitate him with his missing hat and badge. Annoyed, Woody swipes his hat off of the alien and puts it back on his head.
Mrs. Nesbit.png Mrs. Nesbit Andy has just left the room and Woody gets up and congratulates everyone for a great play day. He goes over to Buzz who is dressed in a frilly apron with a hat on his helmet and asks him how his day went. Buzz says he'd rather not talk about it, and an electronic doll is heard saying, "I love you."
The Invasion.png The Invasion The toys find a strange bucket in Andy's room after lunch and try to figure out what it is. Woody opens it, reading it to be a "Happy Snacky" meal, and a mini-Buzz Lightyear toy walks out.
Remote Control.png Remote Control Woody tries to ask the Aliens if he can change the channel, but they push him away from the remote telling him not to anger the TV and that it is speaking to them. One of the aliens finishes by saying "That Urkel Slays Me!" as they continue watching.
Power Failure.png Power Failure Mr. Shark tells a "scary" story to the other toys late at night. It starts by saying, "And when they found him, his batteries were dead." To which, Rex screams in terror. Hamm says, "What are you afraid of? You don't even use batteries!" Rex looks relieved and says, "Oh...Right!".
Alter Egos.png Alter Egos Mini-versions of Woody, Rex and Hamm explain that they're being given away through fast food chains, which big-Rex starts panicking about, worried that kids won't buy toys when they can get them for free.

Later, Buzz asks the smaller Buzz what features he has, finding out that he can only make a punching move with his arm by turning his head. Woody assumes that they are safe since they do not do much, and Woody sniffs the air, then asks, "Is it me or do you smell cheeseburgers?" and everyone looks at the mini-Hamm toy in bewilderment.

Space Cadet.png Space Cadet Woody and Buzz go to see Rex, who has a goldfish bowl on his head for a helmet telling Woody that he's a Space Ranger. But Buzz tells him that Rex is only a "Space Cadet" because he keeps forgetting the secret handshake.
Woody's Dream.png Woody's Dream Woody has a nightmare that Buzz is flying around him like a fly and goes up his nose, making him sneeze, when it is really just Buzz tickling Woody's nose with a feather while he is sleeping.
Shadow play.png Shadow Puppets Woody turns on a lamp. Seeing his shadow on the wall, Woody does simple shadow puppets. Buzz comes in and he does a shadow puppet of his own, but of an impossible-to-be-done American Bald Eagle. He then challenges Woody who does the dog shadow puppet, only to be bested again by Buzz doing one of the American Flag. Woody then does a bunny, but Buzz ends it with a rocketship blasting off, which angers Woody to the point of turning the lamp off and walking away.
Spine Tingler Rex.png Spine Tingler Rex Rex tries to tell his own story saying that "When the leverage buyout fell through, the toy company was left with a big dark warehouse full of inventory!", and Mr. Shark replies by saying "If I had bones, they'd be chillin'!"
Ranger Rex.png Ranger Rex Buzz tells Rex that it takes more than a goldfish bowl to become a Space Ranger. He then sticks suction cup arrows to Rex's helmet, saying that now he's a real Space Ranger, and shakes his hand congratulating him.
It's ABC.png It's ABC Buzz approaches Rex and Hamm, who are watching TV, and asks what's on. Rex responds "It's ABC" and bores Buzz with a brief history of ABC. Buzz asks Hamm what's on, to which Hamm responds "Cartoons." Rex then gives a brief history of cartoons. Buzz responds to this by turning up the volume on the TV, effectively muting Rex's voice.
Used Car.png Used Car Hamm tries to sell RC to one of the Aliens saying that he has "extremely low-mileage". After Hamm quickly drives him around the room with the remote, the alien says "I'll take it!".
Buzz Box 1.png Buzz Box #1 Woody watches as Buzz waves to the Aliens who are crammed inside his old spaceship box, attempting to send them back to their home planet. When Woody asks Buzz if anyone told them that it would not work, Buzz says that he did not have the heart to. This short ends with Buzz saying, "They'll never make hyperspeed with that much weight!"
Ancient History.png Ancient History Rex shows the Aliens how the dinosaurs evolved until Hamm shows how they became extinct by a meteor crash.
Buzz becomes obselete.png New Improved Buzz Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Hamm are playing cards when a commercial for new and improved Buzz Lightyear toys comes on the TV. The different versions that were mentioned were Cyber-Sonic Buzz with 15,000 word combinations, Battle Scar Buzz with ultra damage, and Sky Runner Buzz which really flies. Buzz becomes crushed and envious as he watches the commercial, but Woody tells him "There's something to be said for the original," to which Hamm adds "And that something is yard sale!"
Rex Can't Sleep.png Rex Can't Sleep Rex tries to wake up Hamm, telling him that he cannot sleep. Hamm tells him to "Try counting sheep!" Rex is then shown standing next to the sheep on Bo Peep's lamp and counts them, saying "I don't see how this will help..."
New Toy Orientation.png New Toy Orientation Woody takes one of the Aliens over to Andy's toy box, telling him that they've completed his "New Toy Orientation". Woody then tries to tell him not to worry about fitting in when a bunch of other aliens come over, and they start wiggling their antennas together as a group.
Waiting for andy.png School Day Woody, Hamm, Rex, and Buzz are looking out the window for Andy to return home from school. Woody tries to tell everyone that just because Andy's gone to school "doesn't mean we have to put our lives on hold". At about 3:10, Hamm says that he thinks he sees the bus, but Woody suddenly becomes concerned asking what day it is. Everyone sees that it's Tuesday on the calendar, which says that Andy has soccer practice at 3:15. Buzz says, "Blast! Soccer practice!" and Hamm replies, "I think we need a hobby."
The Shark's Tale.png The Shark's Tale Mr. Shark tells another story about a toy that made it all the way from the clearance isle to the cashier and the last words it heard being "How did that get in the cart?", which he then says is a "True story".
Basic Training.png Basic Training Buzz is telling Rex, Snake, Robot, the Hockey Puck and the Aliens that it's not just the looks that make a Space Ranger, but the attitude. One of aliens does a somersault and says "Eat Laser, Zurg!" in a cool sounding voice, and Buzz looks at him, approvingly saying, "Now that's the right stuff."
Force Field.png Force Field Buzz is seen trying to jump into the space background playing on the television, but bumps against the glass. Buzz thinks it is a force field of some kind, but Woody starts yelling at him saying that it is just a television set and the screen is made of glass. Buzz then points his laser at him saying "They've gotten to you, haven't they?" and Woody stomps away in frustration.
Optical Confusion.png Optical Confusion Rex is looking through Lenny and calling to Woody, "Hey, Woody, over here! Hey, Woody!" Woody comes over and switches Lenny around to face him, prompting Rex to say, "Oh," and shrug.
Buzz Box 2.png Buzz Box #2 Woody watches as Buzz waves to the Aliens who are crammed inside his old spaceship box, attempting to send them back to their home planet. When Woody asks Buzz if anyone told them that it would not work, Buzz says that he did not have the heart to. This short ends with Buzz saying, "There's not nearly enough fuel to get them to their home world."
Art Class.png Art Class Woody teaches the Aliens how to make drawings on the chalkboard, starting with a crudely drawn alien, telling them that it takes a little practice. The aliens then quickly draw a full color portrait of Woody over his alien drawing and Woody says "That's good... that's a good start."
Story time.png Flip Flop Woody walks past Hamm, Rex and the Aliens who are reading a book and crying. He sees that they have it upside-down and turns it the right way up. Afterwards the toys are laughing.
Go Fish.png Go Fish Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Hamm are playing a game of Go Fish with Legs. Woody tells Legs to "Go Fish!" and Legs starts fishing for one of the cards with her hook. Woody then whispers to us, "She lives for this!"
Road block.png Roadblock Woody and Buzz are watching RC drive by when Woody places a block down in front of RC, causing him to stop. Woody says "Road Block!" and you suddenly hear the sound of a rimshot and an audience clapping. Woody and Buzz laugh and give a thumbs up towards the screen as it irises-out.
Other Green Army Man Chant.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-0.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-1.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-2.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-3.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-4.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-5.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-6.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-7.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-8.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-9.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-10.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-11.png

Other Green Army Man Chant-12.png

Other Green Army Man Chants These were commercial bumpers that aired before and after the commercial break.

They include (some along with Combat Carl and some along with Dolly):
"Here we go, back to the show! That's the fact so now you know!"
"We'll be back with much more fun! Now don't you change that channel, son!"
"Hidey-hidey-hidey-ho! Break is over! Here's the show!"
"We'll march in a small platoon! Let's march back to the cartoon!"
"Break time's here we have to say. Listen up, don't go away!"
"Now we are back for some more. Bigtime action is in store!"
"Don't touch your set! Don't turn that dial! We'll be back in just a while!"
"You stay with this way cool station! Now back to our animation!"
"We are green from head to toe! Now we go back to the show!"
"I don't know, but I have heard, we'll be back after this word!"
"Don't you panic! Don't you flake! We'll be back after this break!"
"Commercial's over don't you know? Now it's time to watch the show!"
"Now we're gonna have a break! Message time we're gonna take!"
"Now we go back to the fun! Message time is over and done!"
"Facts are facts and have no sum, This is where commercials come!"
"We don't spread rumors only fact, After this, we'll be right back!"
"Don't you change the channel yet!, We'll be right back you can bet!"
"Stay right there where you've been sat, We'll be back in no time flat!"
"Listen up we have to say, We'll be back don't go away!"
"I don't know what I assumed, That cartoon will soon resume!”
"Don't get stranded, give a shout, The show is back, check it out!"
"Ads are over they're all done, Now it's back with cartoon fun!"
"Now we are back for some more, Break time action is a horror!"
"Commercials come, commercials go, Now we say back to the show!"
"Rise and shine it's time to sack, You can say, “We'll be right back!”

Home media

Some of the shorts were initially released on a promotional VHS, titled Pixar ABC Treats. The shorts were later released on disc 1 of the Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box: Collector’s Edition DVD set, disc 2 of the Toy Story: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD (as Easter Eggs), and the Toy Story 2010 Blu-ray. Some of the shorts are now available on Disney's official Toy Story site.

Some of the shorts were re-dubbed on the direct-to-video compilation Tiny Toy Stories to introduce the Pixar short films, with Jim Hanks and John Ratzenberger returning to re-dub some of Woody and Hamm's lines respectively, while Jeff Bennett replaced Wallace Shawn as Rex and Dee Bradley Baker replaced Jeff Pidgeon as the Squeeze Toy Aliens



Other Green Army Man Chants


  • These shorts are considered non-canon, due to inconsistencies with the Toy Story films. Their purpose was simply for gags, meant to be taken lightly.
    • In many of the shorts, Woody and Buzz are still portrayed as rivals, and Buzz acts like a Space Ranger (likely for comedic purposes, or to avoid spoilers).
    • The shorts are set in Andy's old house, though they have moved by the end of Toy Story. (likely to avoid spoilers).
    • In some of the shorts, the Mutant Toys and Squeeze Toy Aliens appear in Andy's room, though they don't belong to Andy (though Andy does own three Squeeze Toy Aliens after the events of Toy Story 2).
  • In Channel Surfing, a clip from the 1927 silent film Metropolis appears on the TV. The clip of the dancing pigs is from the 1949 Famous Studios cartoon Farm Foolery.
  • The idea of toys finding mini versions of themselves, used in The Invasion and Alter Egos, was reused in the Toy Story Toons short, Small Fry.
  • Rex's goldfish bowl with suction cups, used in Ranger Rex, was later used in Toy Story 2.
  • The gag used in Force Field was reused in the Toy Story: Animated StoryBook PC game, when Buzz sees two characters fighting in a Pizza Planet arcade game, attempts to break them up, but cannot get through the "force field."
  • A clip from Roadblock was used at the end of the Glenn McQueen Tribute, a bonus feature on disc 1 of the Finding Nemo: Collector’s Edition DVD (possibly because he directed the shorts).
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