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The Train Tunnels are an attraction in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The exhibit was constructed by Gremlin Prescott to depict Mickey's battles during the events of the first game.

The place consists of three dioramas depicting each of the bosses Mickey encountered on his first trip to Wasteland. One depicts the Clock Tower in Gremlin Village. Another features the battle with the Mad Doctor in the attic of Lonesome Manor. The last one is designed after the final face-off against the Shadow Blot on Mickeyjunk Mountain and the real one at Dark Beauty Castle.

An animatronic train conductor called A.B.E. watches over the dioramas. He asks Mickey and Oswald to repair the damage caused by the quake. The player receives a golden pin after repairing the dioramas. However, if the players damage any of the dioramas, A.B.E. will summon Beetleworx to attack them.


  • If the players revisit the dioramas, the scrapped Tea Cup Spinner and Hades Head Tanker will appear.


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