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"Transformation" is a song from the movie, Brother Bear. It was written by Phil Collins and performed by the Bulgarian Women's Choir for the film. The lyrics are sung in the Iñupiat language (also spelled Inupiaq).

In the soundtrack version, Phil Collins sings an English version of the song based on the Iñupiat lyrics in the film.


After Kenai kills a bear (who is actually Koda's mother), Denahi tries to stop Kenai, though he does not notice that Kenai has succeeded in killing the animal. Soon afterwards, Kenai encounters Sitka in his spirit form, and the spirits grab the bear's dead body. As punishment for his actions, Sitka transforms Kenai into a bear.

The song is later heard again near the end of the film where Sitka (as an eagle) stops Denahi from attacking Kenai (as a bear) as Sitka transforms Kenai back to his human form. Kenai (as a human) tells Koda tells him that it is him in his human form with Denahi reforming at the end of the film as Sitka gives him back his totem as the two brothers get along, even when he is a bear as Koda meets his mother in her spirit form, reuniting with each other. Koda's mother and Sitka return to the afterlife as Koda, Kenai, and Denahi get along with each other.


Maliŋŋa ki nutaamun
Ka, iḷisautigisiivsi


Atlan irrakkun

Maliŋŋa ki nutaamun
Sivuuqqan piiġisigaa!

(chorus repeat)

Come with me, I'll take you now
To a place that you fear
For no reason why
Your heart has turned away from me
And I will make you understand


Everything will become clear to you
When you see things through another's eyes
Everything will become clear to you
Whatever's meant for you, you will find

Come with me, I'll take you there
To a place where you'll see
Everything you need to be the one you need to be
And all of those things that you feared
Will disappear from you in time


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